Wrong ways to create content for LED signs

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Wrong ways to create content for LED signs

Eye catching and fresh content is the answer to optimizing the benefits of LED signs. Here are four common mistakes made by creators of digital signage content.

Boring content

Your LED display may be of the highest available resolution but if your content is drab the whole point of it is lost. The main aim of digital signage is to attract attention and engage customers. Although some announcements really are boring and cannot be said in a fun way, make the appearance interesting. Use photography, edited graphics and motion graphics for enhancing generic messages and transforming them from being boring to mesmerizing.

Stale slides

Audiences need consistently fresh content. Don’t drive them insane by displaying the same message for months and months! If you are running out of new messages to display, at least make amendments to the visual appearance of your message to make it look fresh. Alternatively, you could invest in a few applications from a CMS provider so that you have automated new content regularly.

Too much information

LED signs are supposed to streamline communication, not confuse it! Too much information means audience is unable to focus on everything and that leads to confusion. Don’t try to cover all information in just one slide. Limit the content for each slide to one idea and change slides after every few seconds.

Long text passages

This is not an essay writing contest, it is digital signage. Your sentences should be short and there should be a maximum of only two sentences on each slide. Paragraphs can be a turn off. If your audience cannot read your slide in three seconds, delete some text and put it onto a new slide.

Keep your users engaged with fresh and relevant content ALWAYS.


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