Workplace statistics to prove the efficiency of indoor LED signs

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Workplace statistics to prove the efficiency of indoor LED signs

Here are some useful statistics to show the importance of indoor LED signs within a workplace:

  • 70% of successful business owners believe that employee engagement is essential for better business
  • 50% companies are already making use of indoor LED signs to improve internal communication within their workplace
  • 54% employees expect LED signage to be a part of their workplace
  • 93% of professionals in internal communications state that LED screens are a necessity within a workplace

Furthermore, it is deemed that when employees are more engaged they will improve productivity and improve internal communication. In terms of creativity, 59% of employees who are engaged within the workplace find themselves to be more creative.

If you have not yet invested in LED signs to connect with your employees, do so now! You will see a 25% improvement in productivity of employees straight away. Research shows that in the year 2015, 4 out of every 5 brands see more success in using LED signs as compared to print media. The same research also predicts that by 2020 there will be a 40% increase in installations of digital signage.

Common mistakes companies make when managing their employees:

  • 41%: insufficient communication between management and staff
  • 28%: insufficient recognition and praise of employees, hence de-motivation occurs
  • 11%: insufficient educational training opportunities
  • 8: work schedules not being flexible enough
  • 6%: employees not being given enough authority

Best practices for indoor LED signs in a workplace:

  • Most appropriate locations: hallways, elevators, kitchen, office area
  • Content should include tips on how to grab more clients and reinforcement of brand guidelines
  • Prevailing weather, news and traffic updates should also be displayed to keep employees engaged
  • Updated workplace related information should be given; example – availability of conference rooms, etc

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