Why LED Craft?

We are a leading manufacturer of quality LED Products for digital signage.

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When implementing signage, businesses need to do some deep thinking and high end research. At LED Craft Inc, our team of experts is available to assist you in selecting the correct type and size of your LED sign so as to make sure you gain maximum return on your investment.

Traffic Count & ROI Report

As an electronic message display company, we make it a point to keep detailed and updated information with regard to population densities, traffic flow and other essential data required. This information is provided to our client companies to allow them to get a better estimate of the return on investment depending on the location of their sign.

Sign Design

When it comes to sign design, our qualified team can help you come up with a professional design that meets the standards of an expert. An excellent sign design means the sign will be able to attract more customers to your business. $125 per hour is the usual charge by most sign designers.


Producing an LED sign involves a considerable amount of specifications and drawings from an engineer. If you hire us as your signage provider, we have the expertise required in house to meet your engineering needs. Outsourcing to another engineer may cost you more than $500.

Permit Assistance

If your business already has an existing sign and your new sign is not significantly larger than the existing one or if the position is not varying too much, a permit is generally not required. If you do require a permit, we can help you with the required documents for installing your new sign under the government regulations.


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