What’s new in digital signage?

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What’s new in digital signage?

A few experts were consulted for their opinions regarding the latest in LED signs. Questions specifically focused on how today’s digital signage stands out from those produced just a year ago.

  • Steve Acquista: Senior business development manager of a digital signage firm.

A year ago, companies were just discussing how they need to replace static signs with the new LED signs in order to keep up with competition. But within this one year, electronic signage has gotten lighter, thinner, smarter and much more energy efficient. The highlight of today’s LED signs however, is being able to join two LED substrates and back lights while assembling the power module and control electronics in different parts of the frame. This approach amazes viewers because it looks like on one side there is the traditional single sided kiosk while on the other side there is an image running the same or different advertisement.

  • Brent Sanders: Product manager of an electronics company in North America

Majority of the interest with LED signs is towards dynamic and vivid displays. Life size signage that comes in 80-100 inch displays often makes a huge impact to the public. In addition to the size, resolution of the display attracts customer engagement. Tablets and smartphones have introduced interactivity to customers and due to that, the public now demands interactive digital signage. Large displays, video walls, way-finding, interactive mirrors and embedded media players are an additional way in which advertisers can engage with customers and aim to provide more customized messages.

  • Keith Yanke: Director of marketing large screen displays and projectors

All markets now have the ‘touch’ feature on the top of the list. Touch screens are no longer restricted to small spaces such as tablets, mobile phones and ATMs. Digital signage screens with touch facility allow customers to interact and create a strong bond with the brand. Customers can interact at their own time and convenience, which is the main objective of interactive signage.


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