What a Church needs to consider when investing in digital technology

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What a Church needs to consider when investing in digital technology

A Church usually has limited funds and has to be extra careful in deciding what investments will benefit towards its overall mission. This is not a simple task; purchasing chairs and disposable cups don’t need detailed thinking but for technology decisions, there is no straightforward strategy. The best way to go about with this decision is to observe Churches who have already made the shift towards digitalization and be wise with the planning, spending and making use of technology in the name of God. By doing so, Churches can stay away from pitfalls and make the right investments for their ministry.

Some Churches have several generous donors and hence more than enough funds in their budget to spend on technology. Even if you have the money to spend, do your research before investing in expensive technology. For example, just because you saw another church invests in a lovely video wall, that doesn’t mean that the same could be the solution for your church. Multiple LED screens make up a video wall and considerations such as crosshairs and bezels have to be thought about. Don’t be stuck up on having a video wall and nothing else. Speak to a consultant from LED Craft Inc. They could give you several less expensive options that will suit your church better.

Future Planning

Pastors should always keep in mind that any investment should work towards setting up the church for future success. Larger churches often make technology decisions based on needs. For example, investing in a soundboard if you have thousands of people to serve during Christmas is a good investment. But making sure the shelf life and capacity of the sound board is extendable means you are planning for the future success of your church.

For churches that do not have the funds for heavy purchases, other options are available. For example, for computer situations, you could go to help for companies who were getting rid of their machines to update to new ones and they could donate the old ones to your church. For soundboard investments, financing and leasing options can be considered.

Seek help from others

The best advice can be obtained by consulting churches that have gone through a similar technological investment. Ask them about their mistakes so you can learn from them. Then seek help from people who work with technology on a daily basis. Our team at LED Craft Inc for example will give you the most up-to-date solutions for your requirements.

Invest in what you need, not want

Ask your team the question “what problem are we trying to solve”. Based on the answer, identify your needs and make relevant decisions.

Make wise technology upgrades

A slightly higher investment today will probably save your church a lot of money in staff hours, volunteer workers and replacing of inferior products.

Avoid pitfalls

When making decisions, it is important to not just consider the upfront cost but to also think about upgrading, maintaining and running the technology in long term. Don’t settle for an inexpensive and outdated technology as this may have to be replaced in a year or two. Rather, spend a little more and invest in something that you can use for a longer time.

Without consulting other churches for information and advice on technology decisions, you may be spending unnecessarily. Step back, evaluate your needs and eliminate desires that are not the best solution for your church. This will help you make level headed decisions that will maximize your technology investment.


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