Weather responsive advertising with outdoor LED signs

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Weather responsive advertising with outdoor LED signs

Even in the scorching heat of summer, digital signage can provide cool customer experiences and innovative engagement opportunities. Whether it is an umbrella advertisement for rainy weather, or it is about serving cool sodas in the summer, outdoor LED signs has got it covered. The most simple and obvious advantage that can be stated about digital signage is that “it can change”. Because of this, it becomes a very interesting advantage over the traditional static signs.

Temperature re-active campaigns are amongst the popular trends when it comes to digital signage. The sign can detect temperatures and is instructed to display certain advertisements based on variations in temperature. A few examples that have been seen are as follows:

  • A fruit cocktail advertisement if the temperature rises above a certain range
  • Allergy medicine advertisements when the pollen count gets too high in summer
  • Ice cold Coke advertisements in the scorching heat

Weather responsive advertising is a great opportunity that enterprise marketers need to keep up with. There are many clever and emerging solutions to make this feature possible. Here is another interesting example:

Imagine you are travelling somewhere and it suddenly begins raining. You run to find shelter whilst also cursing yourself for not carrying an umbrella or raincoat. Suddenly you see a digital sign requesting you to text “RAIN” to a number if you want to get a discount for a rain jacket at a store near you. You send the message and instantly receive a coupon along with directions to the store. Before you know it you are walking around in the rain but with a coat to keep you warm and dry.

The possibilities of such solutions are endless. Furthermore, with networks becoming more sophisticated, weather responsive advertising has a lot to gain.


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