Uses of LED School Signs

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Uses of LED School Signs

Effective communication within a school/campus is of utmost importance. While students are glued to their personal technology devices, schools should make use of them too for effective learning. LED School signs can be used in a number of situations to overcome communication challenges faced by educational organizations today.

Capturing Traffic

Study which areas inside the building are experience most foot traffic and install LED signs there. You will see amazing results when you display public announcements, weather conditions, and news in common areas where students are most expected to gather around and linger. The content you display on your LED signs should be done so in a timely fashion.

Dorms & Frat Houses

Dorms are the liveliest place on the entire campus and this is where most of the action happens and most of the verbal sharing of information takes place between students. Anything you display on an LED sign placed in a dorm will be noticed by students and then shared with their roommates and other neighboring friends. LED school signs can be integrated with social media to make things more interesting.

Emergency Alerts

Emergency situations are best handled when the best technology is in use. LED signs should be integrated with the best software for dealing with emergency situations. There should be an alert feature which allows content managers to deliver appropriate alert messages to the students at the time when it is needed the most. Hence, digital signage helps the right information to reach the right people at the right time. In addition to placing LED signs where students linger, it should also be placed in the teacher’s lounge so that they are also well informed on how to deal with emergencies.

Digital Menus

Much time is spent by students in a food court. Hence this is an ideal location for digital signage placement. In fact food courts can use LED signs as menu boards to display available items.


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