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Unique LED displays can stretch customer imagination

LED signs have now become the standard wherever you find people shopping, eating, traveling, studying, working or simply gathering. Increasing sales, better branding, enhancing customer experiences and convincing them to purchase, and reduce perceived waiting times are just a few examples of how LED displays are useful. The ultimate goal with digital signs is to have many people see the message and to generate desired results – get customers to take action. Therefore, the more attractive the sign is, the more your customers will engage with it. Here we will discuss how unique LED displays are used to expand customer imagination and generate maximum impact.

The expansion of the LED sign industry brings new opportunities for businesses to connect with their target market. Businesses should look out for a competitive edge to grab customer attention in this rapidly changing market. When investing in your LED sign, select a display design that is uncommon and can fit into locations where LED displays would not even be expected by customers.

Thinking outside the box

Traditional rectangular displays are not always the right fit in all locations for an LED. For this reason, businesses end up covering these areas with static images, which go almost unnoticed. Bringing digital imagery into such challenging locations is what should be the aim of marketers. Very often, stretch type displays that have an extended wide format would be ideal solutions. Stretched displays are different to the typical rectangular aspect ratio and hence give a significantly different feel to the viewer and are bound to be eye-catching with a unique edge. If placed in portrait mode, this display gives the user massive amounts of real estate to present whatever message desired. The uniqueness of stretched displays makes them perfect for areas where a strong branding statement needs to be put in place; for example: at the entrance of a building – to show how different your business is compared to others.

Unique ideas should be exhibited on unique displays.

Ways of using stretched LED displays

With a stretched LED display, one can come up with creative ways of installing it and displaying content on it. For example, the unique size and shape of a stretched display can be placed in an area where there would otherwise be a mannequin, or even next to a mannequin for added ambience or scene. More examples of locations for stretched displays include:

  • Indoor sign boards in shop interiors
  • Building columns
  • As boards hanging from airport ceilings for wayfinding and flight information
  • Wayfinding and schedule information in subway stations – where space for typical looking LED displays is limited
  • Corporate settings
  • Public arenas
  • Stock exchanges
  • Money exchange boards

Premium retail stores often invest in unique interiors and media poles for attracting customers. A stretched display would be ideal here. The wide format of dynamic imagery would immediately draw the attention of approaching customers. The unique LED display would be more like a pillar that is transformed into a moving showpiece.

Another form of uniqueness in a stretched display is that multiple pieces of information can be displayed. For example, four separate input instructions can be run for four different types of content on the same LED at the same time.

Incorporating technology for enhanced viewing experience

Sensor driven technology could further enhance the display by activating a video when customers approach the display. The video would have a person talking to them in an effort to make purchasing suggestions and convincing them to take action. Furthermore, incorporating facial recognition software for targeted messaging would definitely impress the customer.

A stretched LED display has plenty of space for content that includes text, images, video and animation. Also, as discussed above, this display can either be hung from a ceiling, placed on top of shelves, act as a pillar, be fixed onto a wall in landscape and portrait settings or can just be placed freestanding on the floor. Considering these characteristics, stretched LED displays should have exceptional image quality, crisp and sharp enough to catch customers by surprise. In addition to maximum resolution, these displays should use In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology that provides maximum color and brightness from any viewing angle. An IPS based LED screen provides a clear viewing angle from a shocking 178 degrees. Wherever you are viewing the screen from, you can be assured that you are looking at the correct colors and contrasts, as well as clearly readable data from the screen.

If the display does not feature IPS technology, viewers of the display can only get its best performance when positioned directly in front of the screen. If they are viewing from different angles, the color and contrast is significantly less and the text also becomes vague. Only IPS technology provides a solution for off-angle viewing, and this is very important in areas that have high amounts of foot traffic.


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