After years of technical innovation and development, LED Craft transparent LED display had been widely accepted by the customers worldwide. With the advantages of good heat dissipation, fast installation, high transparency, high brightness and easy maintenance, transparent LED displays can be used behind any shape of glass surface, and keep the internal natural lighting and viewing, that’s the reason why it’s the best choice of glass wall advertising.


Perfect for any building with glass walls, banks, shopping malls, theaters, chain stores, hotels, landmarks etc.

1. High Transparency
Up to 80% transparency rate could allows the internal natural lighting and viewing, the SMD are almost invisible from 20 feet.
2. Light Weight
PCB board is only 10mm thick, weighing 14kg/allows for installation in small spaces and minimizes the negative impact on the appearance of the buildings.
3. Fast Installation
Fast lock systems ensure fast installation, saving labor cost.

4. High Brightness & Low Power Consumption
6000nits brightness ensure the perfect visual performance even under direct sunlight, without any cooling system, saves lots of power.
5. Easy Maintenance
Repairing single SMD without taking of single module or entire panel.
6. Stable & Reliable
Stability is very import for this product, under the patent of inlaying SMD into PCB, ensure the stability better than other similar products in the market.

P 10

P10 Transparent LED Display

P5 Transparent LED Display

P7.5 Transparent LED Display


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