Why do you think customers are ignoring your signage?

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Why do you think customers are ignoring your signage?

Imagine you bought a friend, family member or a spouse an expensive gift and they react to it in a very insignificant manner… discouraging isn’t it? They will probably say ‘thank you’ at first, but their face shows a ‘why have you got me this?’ kind of look…

If you are in the digital signage business, you definitely don’t want customers saying ‘no, not interested’ after seeing your advertisement on an expensive LED screen.

So why exactly do customers reject or ignore your digital signs? It all boils down to 3 things – relevance, content and engagement.


As a person walking on the road, think about how many advertisements you have come across that are not relevant to you? Or try to count how many advertisements you have seen while browsing the web about products that you would never use? The more you see the irrelevant content, the more annoyed you get.

The good thing is – for advertising firms, some analysis and research is all it takes for companies to produce relevant content on electronic signs.

Let us look at an example: Recent digital signage software solutions have the option of examining how long a customer is looking at your LED display, whether they are engaged to it and how did they react to it. With this information, companies can increase the relevance of their content.

Some extra research such as the content that your target market is interested in will also help in content relevance. If your target audiences are of different types, your content can be adjusted on the fly, based on each audience group’s needs.

Dull content

Relevant content also needs to be attractive. Simply advertising a product with its picture, price and a small description does not make a ‘splash’! It is not useless for sure, it probably drives some sales, but it is not particularly noteworthy.

By using boring content, other companies/competitors will overtake you with bright, attractive and engaging content. When designing content, ask yourself: ‘will this grab the attention of my audience?’ Maybe you have included a creative piece of art to attract attention to a 4K display. Or you are just promoting a massive discount with a time element attached to the promotion.

To make your content inspiring, it is essential that you don’t just deliver sales but boost brand awareness and offer customers something of value. Hence you should question your content as to how it will improve your brand.

Lack of engagement

Some LED displays are not very engaging for viewers. Although they do advertise products, it doesn’t glue viewers to the screen enough to get them in a conversation with the brand. If your signage fails to communicate with customers, then you are not making proper use of the sign.

There are many tools included in electronic signage, with which you can encourage audience engagement. One example is the integration of social media newsfeeds onto your LED display and thereby encourage audiences to like and follow your pages. Another interesting idea is to integrate a camera into your LED screen so users can take selfies against an augmented reality backdrop of their choice – virtual sports jerseys for example.

It is not like you have to transform your digital display into an interactive marvel. All you have to do is figure out a way to get your audience to be concerned about your brand and communicate with it. If you neglect engagement simply to try and drive sales, you are asking for trouble!


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