What Others Are Saying About LED Craft

The sign is awesome. Customers have commented how much easier it is to find us off of Route 106, now that the sign is up. They enjoy the marketing notes and promotions that we post on the sign each day. The sign is a hit with all of our old & new customers.” -Thank you,
Keith A., Dirt Doctor
I have 3 car wash locations. I bought an LED sign for my location that was under performing and my worst location as a last effort to revive this location. Within 90 days it from my worst location to my BEST location. Within 6 months it was bringing in double what the other locations were doing. The sign more than paid for itself. This was one of my best business decisions!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Super Car Wash
We recently changed our main entrance from the west to the south after building a new auditorium. We added this sign at the new entrance. Almost everyone uses that entrance now, so our messages are seen much more often. Several in the community have indicated how nice the sign is.
Sammy W., First Baptist Church
The LED sign that was placed in front of our building has truly gained attention of those who drive by our buildings and our targeted market. It gives a clear message as to what we do and the services we provide. After the sign was up for only a few weeks, we obtained new business from a company seeking to build a brand new website. He told us he saw the sign that stated we provide web, and made the call for a meeting. We are excited to see what other new business will come from our LED Sign! It is worth the investment.
Jill B., Triscari
Thank all for the help and support given during the purchase, delivery, installation and setup processes. We, our church, could not ask for any better service than that provided by your team. Any person, group or organization searching the market for professional and commercial grade signs should consider LED Craft Inc. as their provider. LED Craft Inc. is a cost effective and quality manufacturer of signs. They stand behind their product with service and support that is readily available as the buyer’s needs demand. Thank You All.
Curtis D., Church of God of Prophecy
Our new sign is the talk of our town. Our members have been engaged by people they work with and business people in the area about the church with the “fancy light up sign” Also, had an increase in walk in visitors who say they saw the sign, and had never even noticed there was a church here. We are very pleased.
Bill H., Liberty Church
I cannot express enough the positive impact our new LED sign has made. We get comments ranging from “It’s about time we got with it” to “Our church is the talk of Bella Vista!” I do believe that thanks to our “state of the art” sign that we will see a significant impact on our future attendance. Thank you for making our church one to come in and explore all God has to offer.
Bob W., Bella Vista Christian Church
We have been installing many LED signs over the years in Branson, MO, and been using only top brands with many reasons. Recently I decided to use P10mm HD full color displays from LED Craft Inc on a major shopping center in Branson. I wasn’t much confident of its products at first, actually worried a lot until right before finishing installation. And It is two face p10mm DIP full color 6ft x 10ft HD LED displays.

I was shocked by its brightness and quality of screen. It is simply gorgeous !

The shopping center owner is also very satisfied and I am now proud of giving quality LED displays and service to Branson Meadow Shopping Center.

I am now working on installing another same size P10 Dip HD full color LED displays from LED Craft Inc to Branson Mills Shopping Center.

I am looking forward to have more business with LED Craft Inc.

Erick Walker, Native Signs at Branson
I just wanted to update you on our LED sign we purchased from LED Craft. The sign works amazing and the software is very easy to use. We installed the sign ourselves in about 6 hours. The installation was very straight forward and easy. The best part was when we turned it on and it was preprogramed with the church name and several other messages. Thanks again!
Craig Magus, Fowler's Mill Church

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