Technical facts about an LED display

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Technical facts about an LED display

The screen of An LED sign comprises of LED pixels, modules, cabinet enclosures and other parts and accessories that support the functioning of the device (power supplies and control system)

  • Pixels on an LED screen are lights that can be controlled digitally and are responsible for the accurate display of colors on the screen. These pixels are fitted onto a PC board and are controlled by a chip which is responsible for sending the digital signals to the LED pixels.
  • A group of LED pixels make up an LED module.
  • A group of modules in turn are combined into a firm enclosed structure known as the LED cabinet.
  • The final LED display is produced by assembling the LED cabinets together.
  • Cabinets are manufactured in different sizes based on the purpose for which it will be used. The more recently designed cabinets allow double viewing options (front and rear) for better accessibility.

Types of LED displays may vary based on the purpose for which it is used. For example: indoor, outdoor, fixed installation, flexible installation, mobile displays, rental displays, curtain displays and so on.

LED signs can be made up of two major types of LEDs: DIP modules and SMD modules. Until some time ago, DIP modules were the more popular ones. A recent technological breakthrough made SMD modules cheaper, efficient and reliable, which led to these becoming more popular overnight. The price of DIP modules depend on the pixel pitch. Although DIP modules are relatively inexpensive, the closer the LED bulbs are installed the higher the price of the module. Depending on the requirements of each unique signage application, both modules have good flexibility and are extensively used in the signage industry. Outdoor LED applications prefer the DIP module while the SMD module is more popular with indoor applications.


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