Strategies for effective billboard artwork

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Strategies for effective billboard artwork

Follow these basic and proven steps if you want to guarantee your client with an effective and attractive billboard. Failure to use this information may result in illegible and ineffective digital billboards.


There are two reasons why a billboard should not have more than just a few words:

  1. Grasping too much text while driving at a speed of approximately 55 mph is difficult.
  2. Size of the characters is of utmost importance.

The main copy usually stands at a height of 36″. Therefore, lesser words mean larger font size and better visibility. To make this possible, the advertiser’s message has to be narrowed down to the simplest form. One of the key goals to achieve in creating effective artwork is to figure out the essence of the advertisement and express it with minimum possible words.

Legible text

Simple Times New Roman and Universe font styles should only be used as they are easy to read. Bold and thick strokes are essential in fonts as those characteristics make text easier to read at a distance.

Use of color

Research has been done to show which contrasting colors are most effective on digital billboards. Basically, black, yellow, white, blue, red and green are the best color contrasts to use.

Use of Images

Make sure the images you use on your ad are related to the campaign and helps sell the product or service in a memorable manner.


Once your digital billboard design is created according to these criteria, you need to test it to see if it works. Print it on normal paper and paste it on a distant wall in your office. Ask around to see if people noticed the ad and understood what it meant. A really good piece of artwork should have such a catchy and readable headline that would bring viewers closer to read the rest of the ad.


Never stray away from these simple strategies because they are the basic foundation to nail your billboard artwork. The fact that visibility is vital in digital billboard advertising, many of the creative tactics used in other forms of advertising cannot be applied here. Stick to the basics and win customers.


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