Strategic queue management with indoor LED signs

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Strategic queue management with indoor LED signs

One of the major frustrations for customers visiting a store, institute, healthcare facility or any other organization is the waiting time. Indoor LED signs provide a helpful solution for managing customer flow with unpredictable waiting times.

The general rule of thumb here is the following: time that is occupied seems shorter than time that is unoccupied. Hence this logic is being used to attract attention from the unoccupied waiting time and transform it into occupied time. When LED signs are placed at strategic locations, customers will divert their attention towards it and this will minimize their boredom and also make the organization look more professional.

Massive digital screens as well as video walls are a guaranteed way of capturing a customer’s attention when he/she is in a queue. These displays should be integrated with weather reports, news and sports updates to keep the customer glued.

Every industry is now making use of digital signage for this purpose:

  • Healthcare facilities: to reduce perceived waiting time during an appointment
  • Transport industry: to update passengers with useful information during a service interruption

In addition to keeping a customer entertained, indoor LED signs can also add value to a business. With statistics proving that 70% customers make a purchase after being influenced by a digital sign, placing electronic signage at check out locations is ideal for driving buyers. With dynamic visuals and bright colors, retailers are making a brand impact while also promoting their products and other offers. This usage of LED signs has shown that four out of every five brands have experienced an increase in sales of approximately 33%.

Furthermore, organizations are integrating their indoor LED signs with queue management systems and this has lead to higher customer satisfaction as well as lesser perceived waiting times. As much as 35% perceived waiting time has reduced at checkouts simply by providing estimated waiting times, calling customers forward and displaying directions to the point of service.


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