Strategic ideas for LED sign placement and uses in banks

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Strategic ideas for LED sign placement and uses in banks

LED Sign Placement

LED Signs located almost anywhere can create an impact and strengthen a brand. Banks may place signs inside, outside and any spot they find feasible for an LED sign. Some areas are more powerful than others. Let us discuss what the most powerful areas for placing LED signs are.

Building Entrance:

By displaying to the point product and brand building content at the entrance of banks or fixed to the exterior of the building are sure to create a high impact on passersby, also assuring that the message has been seen and understood by them. Brief content at this spot will quickly attract potential customers, help with brand recalling and poses a call-to-action for visiting the bank for more information.

Welcome Area:

When customers come into a bank branch, a large LED display can greet them with content designed to encourage interaction to obtain information and guide them to which counter they should go to next. Indoor LED signs displayed at the welcome area can also provide localized news and weather related content presented in the form of a bank’s template.


By placing LED screens at service counters, the queue-management system at banks can be handled well. It does a good job for banks in terms of promoting their services and also serves as something to occupy customers with while they are waiting to be served, thereby making their wait times seem shorter. By receiving more information during their wait, customers are better informed by the time they reach the counter.

Lobbies and Passages:

Additional non-interactive LED broadcast screens can be placed in critical areas around the bank such as waiting lobbies, consultation rooms, and areas where queuing is likely. At LED Craft, we have LED screens in a wide range of sizes to fit any passage, lobby or queuing area.


The ATM machine has been using a digital screen ever since its inauguration. While customers wait to receive their money, banks can convey important additional messages to them via LED screens incorporated into ATMs. Many ATM users are those who would hardly go into a bank branch so they have no idea about the new services offered by the bank. ATMs are a good way to reach such customers.

LED Sign Uses



Training plays an important role in banks and other financial institutions. Banks usually have several branches spread across massive geographical areas. Also, banking is an industry that has heavy and complex rules and regulations that have to be followed by every staff. Interactive LED Signs can help provide more knowledge to employees of the bank.


Sufficient research is available to prove that when a person purchases a product from one bank, he/she is highly unlikely to switch to another bank’s services. This issue is critical because only tellers at the bank have the ability to effectively execute the cross-selling. LED signs can help underpaid and understaffed banks to do this work for them.


When a customer walks through the entrance of the bank is when the banking experience begins for him. Customers interact with bank employees and other components of the bank. With the help of LED signage, banks can enhance customer experience of their brand every time they enter a bank branch.

Drive Thru:

Banks often overlook the fact that LED signs can be useful at the drive-thru of their branch. Statistics prove that installing digital signage at bank drive-thru has to be done with careful planning and execution. 40-60% of customers use a bank drive thru on a regular basis. This is a great percentage of customers that can be targeted for cross selling purposes.


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