Stats that will motivate you to invest in LED signage

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Stats that will motivate you to invest in LED signage

Due to improvements in what technology is capable of doing, digital signage has become more reputable as a means of marketing for businesses. Here is a look at a few statistics to obtain an insight to what exactly is driving implementation of LED signs.

  • Multichannel campaign management

More than 25% of firms believe that electronic signage is a part of their multichannel marketing strategy because it has no limits for the amount of content, promotions and campaigns that can be marketed with it.

  • Electronic signs are seen by over 60% of the audience

This figure is much higher than that of internet, traditional billboard and television advertising. Many businesses are choosing outdoor electronic signage because of its low cost, flexibility, and yet, high impact on audience.

  • Considerable brand awareness is created with digital signage – says 84% of retailers

With outdoor LED signs, the target audience is made aware of the brand and instills in them the ‘face’ of the store.

  • It is guaranteed that your digital sign has reached 70% of the public

In addition to the fact that outdoor LED signs provide relevant content and also drives customer engagement, the extent to which it can reach the public is immeasurable. 70% reach with digital signage is much higher than social networks and online video platforms that reach as little as 45% of the public.

  • 42% of shoppers would rather shop at stores where video displays are put up.

The latest 4K HD technology has drastically improved the quality of video today and this is one of the main reasons why many businesses prefer informing and entertaining their customers with electronic displays.

  • The perceived waiting time at checkout is reduced by 35% as a result of digital signage

This is a real solution to long queues and unpredictable waiting time at stores. By networking with queue management systems, LED signs present an efficient and professional waiting experience for customers.

  • Digital menus influence the purchasing decisions of almost 30% customers

The traditional menu boards are now seen as boring and unresponsive due to the introduction of the latest digital menu boards.


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