Smart marketing strategies with interactive LED signs

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Smart marketing strategies with interactive LED signs

Interactive LED signs provide amazing strategies for marketing your business. Here’s how:

The customer experience model

With the availability of sophisticated tools, businesses can now learn and predict customer behaviour and accordingly design customized experiences for them. In addition to providing an enhanced customer experience, interactive LED signs can also track the performance of this experience. Customer interest, behaviour and loyalty can be identified and the design of your electronic sign can be fine-tuned according to the available information with an objective to increase conversion rates.

Cater to the ‘ignoring’ kind

Marketing can be quite a nuisance to many and they may just choose to blindly ignore you. As a solution for such people, make your campaign somehow relevant to them. In doing so, provide a valuable experience while also making it fun and interactive.

Involve 3D technology

With the popularity and development of this technology, you can incorporate 3D in your LED signs to present your customers with a virtual tour of your products and services.

Social Media

Rather than making social media the campaign itself, use it as a channel to market your campaigns because it works better that way. Users are empowered to share experiences and automatically there is a buzz around the network which brand marketers dream of owning.

Consumers love a multichannel approach

By allowing consumers to purchase from their mobiles, desktops or in-store, better sales are guaranteed. For example, a customer goes into a retail clothing store but finds out that the item she wants is not available in her size. An interactive LED screen can help her inquire if any other sales channel for the same organization has the item in her size and if so, she can get it shipped to her home. Imagine how much easier life becomes!

Content is always important

Good content has to be sharp and relevant. Content for LED screens are way more different to website content. It is a juggle between constantly changing information to be aligned with limited space and yet making sure the message reaches the audience.


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