Smart and effective ways of dealing with LED signage challenges

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Smart and effective ways of dealing with LED signage challenges

According to IT professionals, managing complexity is one of the biggest challenges faced with LED signage investments. This refers more specifically to managing content, keeping it up-to-date and keeping costs low, all at the same time is a big challenge. Let us discuss these problems in detail first and then come up with smart and effective solutions for them.

Content Management

Organizations are faced with several challenges in terms of content for their electronic displays. Creating content is a challenge that has been spoken about many a times. Once you get that right, there is the challenge of uploading the content. Content managers should learn the use of a proper content management system and may have to devote time daily, weekly or monthly to make changes to the content. These changes would have to be done to several displays located in different regions for the same company.

The business that has invested in these signs could assign a few members to do these tasks or could out-source this job to an agency or vendor that specializes in content provision, content management, monitoring the network and other such services. Another solution for this is to come up with a digital signage solution that has in-built content management software with templates that allow you to quickly and easily design and upload simple content.


The hardware of the display is one of the most obvious costs for an LED sign investment, and this cost can be quite a big burden, especially in large scale installations. Basic digital signage systems need media players or a computer system to host and play content. If your investment is a more complex one, additional mounting hardware, devices and cables may be required along with the services of an expert to put everything together and complete the installation. In addition to the installation, other costs such as daily electricity, maintenance and repairs for the signage are also involved. IT professionals should look for solutions that are energy efficient, long lasting, easy to use and maintain, and have lesser components as possible.

Reliability and security

Another important point to consider, particularly with outdoor LED signs, is that of durability. The hardware used in the LED sign should be able to withstand extreme cold, heat, rain and dust. Also, there is the threat of vandalism on the sign so it must be secure enough that no one can tag or scratch it.

In order to keep the signage equipment as well as the data safe, IT professionals should come up with a solution that has strong built-in protection from elements as well as physical damage.

Recognize the benefits

Better internal communication, enhanced ambience, increased marketing effectiveness and improvement in audience engagement are some of the many benefits of LED signs recognized by professionals. However, you need to find the right signage solution based on the above mentioned challenges being faced by your organization. Getting digital signage right could work wonders for your business.

Out-of –the-box solutions

In addition to digital content being highly attractive and engaging, the updating on-site part should be really easy. Commercial solutions such as plug and play offer small businesses such as retailers and restaurants all the required tools to manage their LED signage solutions right out of the box. This includes TV entertainment, customized content and more. System-on-chip (SoC) processing is an advanced solution of plug and play which allows the media player to be integrated into the display, thereby reducing the number of devices and cables needed. Moreover, Wi-Fi enabled displays facilitate for wireless content updates.

By making use of these integrated systems, the total costs of operation can be reduced and managed easily.

Customized solutions for complex applications

For stunning, high quality visuals to exhibit your products and services, video walls with integrated media players can be used. These solutions also create an open and friendly environment to engage conversation. Retailers can also make use of large, high brightness displays that can be easily read through store windows to attract traffic into the store to seek further information or probably make a purchase.

Customized Led Display SolutionsAdditional cost savings for larger networks are possible through software that allows dynamic updating of content through a SoC media player that is connected to all displays in the network by means of cloud solutions.

Whether it is from touch or gesture interactions to beacons that connect consumers through their mobile devices to on-the-fly viewer analytics, the possibilities of such technology integrations are endless.

Outdoor direct view LEDs

Outdoor signage integrated solutions can not only attract, entertain and inform customers but by coordinating these signs with indoor displays, customers are encouraged to create interest in new products, promotions and loyalty programs.

Outdoor Digital Signage

Direct view LEDs should have high levels of brightness so that they are visible from a distance, at any angle, and at any time of the day or night. LED signs made for commercial use provide professionals with high uptime and reliability. They are also able to quickly update and upload content related to new marketing campaigns.


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