Who said digital signage investments are costly and complicated?

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Who said digital signage investments are costly and complicated?

While many people believe that a digital signage campaign involves heavy investments in hardware, software and maintenance, that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. A fixed image of “digital signage” in the marketplace is that it is an efficient way of communicating ideas and information. Moreover, just like any other technology, this one too will continue to expand.

Solid research has been carried out to prove that there will be tremendous growth in the LED signage market:

  • The overall digital signage market will grow 5.2% till 2023 to reach a value of $22.5.
  • Digital signage results in 400% more views than static signage.
  • Digital menu boards can drive a sales lift of 5% in a restaurant. LED screens in a retail setting can result in a sales boost of up to 33%.

Many businesses are still resisting towards adapting to this technology because of the costs and complexities they believe are associated with it. Some time ago, small businesses simply could not afford the significant costs, but now that too is changing.

The most basic things involved in a digital signage investment is the software needed to place content on the LED screen, a media player that will run the content, and the LED display itself.

At LED Craft Inc, we work towards making your investment much simpler by offering complete digital signage solutions all under one roof. We have a range of LED displays in many different sizes, each of which come with satisfying warranties. As a business, all you have to do is choose how many screens you want and what sizes they should be, and also what kind of software should accompany each screen. Once the displays are shipped to you, just unpack them and hang them in the planned location. Connect the power and watch how the screens activate frames, upload content, create playlists and show them on the displays.

With simple software user interfaces, there is absolutely no time wasted in complicated content management as well as special training. Some software that comes in-built on LED screens can automatically detect the size and resolution of content. So all you have to do is add the photos, videos and animations to be displayed, and choose the relevant template. Content can also be uploaded from social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Google Photos and other cloud storage platforms.

Choosing the right service provide for your digital signage needs is of utmost importance in reducing costs and complexities. The overall savings associated with quick deployment of content, effective branding, eliminated printing costs and the potential for additional revenue will make digital signage a more cost-effective option as compared to traditional signage. While on one hand the barriers to entry for LED displays are falling, the benefits of this solution are becoming increasingly clear. This gives no reason for businesses not to invest in a digital signage solution.


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