Reasons why LED signs are a perfect fit for higher education

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Reasons why LED signs are a perfect fit for higher education

From laptops to smartphones, the average human being has several interactions with the digital world in a day. Hence escaping the digital world is almost impossible today. For those who came into this world during the digital era are only aware of communication in digital terms. It is a natural world to them and therefore it is no surprise that schools and university campuses are looking to make LED displays a part of the educational experience. Digital is a language that is fluent to college going students and university administrators are aware that they need to speak the digital language to attract those students.

Increased revenue, lesser costs

Digital displays offer great value to institutes of higher education. The most attractive feature seen by educational administrators is probably the ability to generate revenue by advertising on digital displays around campus. The dynamic and flexible nature of LED displays makes them ideal for tailor-made advertising. The convenience of programming the display means that just one screen is sufficient to display advertisements from several sponsors, thereby increasing the value of every additional LED screen investment.

While increasing revenue, digital displays cut costs at the same time. LED screens are environmentally friendly and consume less energy, hence reducing electricity costs. Also, with LED displays, traditional paper messaging is eliminated and there are no costs for labor, paper and ink. Also, there are absolutely no costs associated with changing messages on the display. Unlike paper posters and messaging, LED screens throughout campus can be updated with just a click of a button.

Crisis communication

Content on LED signs can be amended quickly and that is the main reason why they are perfect for crisis communication and safety alerts on college campuses. Whenever there is an emergency on campus, the news can be immediately spread and instructions can be easily given to people throughout the campus. Digital screens are particularly important in providing accurate and consistent information for emergencies and also for way-finding across a campus. Since the content for all LED displays are controlled from one location, evacuations in case of an emergency can be very efficiently organized.

Attracting the best students and faculty

What is the best way to impress a high end student and his/her family as they walk into the college campus? LED displays can be linked to beacons or any other technology where the student’s name appears with a personalized greeting as they enter the college for an admission tour. Universities and schools are using these techniques and more to attract the best students and faculty to their campus. LED displays can also be used to communicate the events and activities happening on campus. Furthermore, professors use these displays as an educational tool to assist in their teachings.

Better experience at sporting events

Sports venues belonging to universities are always trying to beat competitors at giving their audience a better sporting experience. Football and basketball programs generate hundreds of million dollars revenue in a year. Universities want to create the same experience for local fans by investing in gigantic digital screens in pro arenas. They are keen on placing displays in the VIP areas and placing scoreboards that are visible to all fans. By doing so, colleges are trying to create the same professional sporting experience.

In addition to enhancing the fans experience, these displays also generate major revenues for the universities. While displaying information about the game, several messages from advertisers can also be scheduled. College sporting events can attract huge multinationals for advertising and revenues from them are definitely very worthwhile.

University officials also make use of locker rooms and practice facilities to install LED displays. Teams use these screens for reviewing games and watching how opposing teams are performing. Whether it is for scoreboards, VIP arenas, pro arenas or locker rooms, LED Craft Inc has an LED screen solution to suit your every requirement. By providing the most alluring sporting experience, universities are working towards attracting the best athletes and fielding the best team. Also, strong alumni are attracted to make sizeable donations to university athletic programs because they don’t want their college to be outdone by fierce rivals.

The technology used in LED displays is always going to advance. Universities and schools should be able to adapt to this technology if they want to appeal to the newest generation of students and faculty; those who have always been involved in digital interaction throughout their lives.


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