Re-purpose digital signage content and bring it back to life

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Re-purpose digital signage content and bring it back to life

By reading the topic of this article, you are probably thinking that re-purposing your content to market your products is not the right thing to do. We can give you many reasons why your existing marketing material should be re-used and how it can help your marketing staff as well as your brand image.

Some of you might think re-using content is too much work because you need to be really creative and should have tactical planning skills. Well, not really… we can help you with explaining how and why you should re-purpose your entire collection of content for LED signs.

Wait! Before we get to that, you need to make sure that you have saved the content in an accessible location. If you can’t find the content, how can you re-use it right?

Organizing your content

So use an efficient and organized cloud based file storage system to keep a record of all your digital content. Great content is often left out because of disorganized filing systems and miscommunication between departments.

Content does not come in only from the marketing department; the sales and operations departments contribute content too. When the latter two departments do not communicate properly with the marketing department about prevailing and past projects, a lot of content often ends up being deleted.

Another common occurrence is that whenever a new person comes in to take up responsibility for managing the company’s digital content, he/she is not informed. Problems may arise if the new person does not know that there was some content created for the company about a similar subject some time before he/she began working. This problem can be eliminated by having meetings every month, week or quarter. This way everyone involved in content management is on the same page and are aware of the broad marketing plan goals for certain time frames.

Now let us understand the objective of re-purposing your content…

Objective of re-purposing content

Content used in the past is a great way of explaining things in the present. Simply requesting your graphics designer to create a video or instructing your content writer to produce an article on a certain topic is not sufficient. Better results are seen when people understand why they are being told to do a certain thing. A great way to explain this to them is by presenting them with older content. Hence old content should be easily accessible so that everyone can understand the objectives of new content. This is when the organized cloud storage system comes in handy.

Brand continuity will benefit greatly from re-purposing. With the help of cross promotion, multiple channels can come together. Sometimes you may notice that a company’s website looks very different to the digital content posted on their LED displays. This is lack of brand continuity which creates a lot of confusion for customers. A company’s present and future digital sign campaigns should reflect what was done in the past. Not only will this prevent customer confusion and better reach your target market, it will also save you more time!

The marketing department of your business does a lot more than just producing new content every day. So breathe new life into your old content and digital assets. People are bombarded with different images and videos several times a day. Hence it is highly likely that they may miss or overlook a few of your digital content. Re-publish this content with small amendments to the video or images to make sure it is up-to-date and you never know; this time it might actually go viral!


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