Quick guide to selecting the correct LED sign

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Quick guide to selecting the correct LED sign

In order to make the most use of your electronic sign, you need to be assured that you have selected the correct type of sign. Consider the below factors before making your LED sign investment.

Outdoor or Indoor application?

  • Outdoor displays should be durable to withstand extreme weather conditions while indoor displays do not require such durability.
  • The LED bulbs used in outdoor displays are brighter because they have to adjust to various lighting conditions. Indoor electronic signs are not that bright as the lighting conditions don’t vary indoors.

Content management

  • Do you require color or monochrome messages?
  • Are graphics needed?
  • Will you be displaying videos?
  • How much content would you need to display at once?

Method of communication

Sending messages across with your electronic sign can be done in many ways. To select the correct technology for the sign, you need to first understand the display requirements. Certain devices have special requirements. Your LED sign provider will analyze the device and advice you on which communication method will be suitable.

The viewing audience

The most important factor in identifying the most appropriate electronic sign for your business is the distance between your audience and the sign itself. This is because:

  • The viewer-display distance is directly related to the maximum and minimum viewing distances of the LED display.
  • The resolution of the display is affected by the viewing distance.

viewing-audienceSize of text

For every 50 feet of viewing distance, the size of your text should increase by one inch. The further the sign, the larger the letters should be.


pitchPitch is the distance between the center points of any two diodes.

  • Small pitch = Higher resolution
  • Large pitch = Lower resolution


  • Short distance = Higher resolution
  • Long distance = Lower resolution
  • Higher resolution = Higher cost

Viewing Time

5 seconds are required for reading and understanding ten characters. Character size, viewing angle, and speed in which the audience is moving are all depending factors for determining how much time will be taken for your audience to read and understand your message.


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