Quick guide to overcoming permission roadblocks for LED billboards

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Quick guide to overcoming permission roadblocks for LED billboards

Before installing an LED billboard, obtaining the necessary permission is a must for any organization. This process can be a challenge to many because it involves getting suppliers, customers, sign companies and the municipal office all onto the same page. The main objective for everyone should be to enhance the town’s landscape and community. If your sign meets these objectives, you are sure to experience growth in your business. Below are three important points in the process of obtaining permission for your LED billboard:

  1. Thorough homework:

Save unnecessary headaches by researching the process that prevails for sign permission within your community. Converse with others who have recently undergone the process and read the local code and understand it. If you have understood the required paperwork, providing additional documents becomes easier. Make your application as complete and professional as possible for more chances of an easy approval.

  1. Build an understanding

Network with those involved in the process and get to know them. Their task is to adhere to the laws of the community. Present your application in a way that convinces them that your billboard will help local businesses expand and also add contribution to the community’s tax base.

  1. Seek advice from experts

Your LED billboard provider will help you with all the information you need regarding the permission process. Furthermore, trade organizations can provide you with useful resources, such as published research reports, to understand the process better. Some community laws restrict billboards to have only alphanumeric characters and should not have any images. You could advice the municipal officials of such communities to read a publishing regarding how images are easier for driving motorists to make sense out of rather than plain text.


In addition to sufficient research, working with the right partners is also critical in this process. Find common ground with each business market and ensure that your LED billboard will only do better for your community and the businesses around it.


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