Quick guide to building a digital billboard

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Quick guide to building a digital billboard

Step One

Gather all information related to billboard placement. This includes city and state regulations for front and side setback, exact dimensions of the billboard structure, and how far the light fixtures are from the catwalks. Basically, all information determining sign placement has to be collected.

Step Two

With all this information, map out the exact placement of the billboard. The only concern for a driller fitting the digital billboard for you will be the center of the column. Therefore, an accurate map should be made to determine the correct center point.

Step Three

Before building the sign, get rid of anything that is obstructing people from viewing your sign. A tree for example could be trimmed with the permission of the owner. Don’t wait to do this till after the sign is put up as the tree owner might not allow it.

Step Four

After eliminating all obstructions, get ready for actual construction to begin. Build a good rapport with the landowner and get him to allow heavy equipment to be kept at his site to make the billboard construction easier. In addition to that, make sure you have obtained all the other permits required for construction and make sure you are adhering to the permits.

Never leave the job site when the driller and sign installer are working. You are the only person who can deal with any problem that can arise; for example: driller could hit a pipe, neighbors may have an issue with the noise, driller may not drill at the correct location, and driller may not drill deep enough.

Step Five

Once the main pole has been fitted into the hole, you have to choose the angle at which the sign will face the traffic. Go to the middle of the highway and communicate with the installer via mobile phone as to how you want to angle the sign.

Step Six

Finally the concrete truck arrives to fill up the hole. Make sure the hole is not over-filled and too much mess is not created at the property.

Your first digital billboard is now up and running and will soon make you a lot of money if you have followed these directions in installing it!


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