Quick guide for using LED signs in the retail industry

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Quick guide for using LED signs in the retail industry

Nearly 25% of jobs in the U.S economy are supported by the retails industry, which has over $2.6 trillion annual impact on the national gross domestic product. U.S boasts of almost $3.8 million retail establishments in several fields all over the country. Therefore, any tool that will boost sales for retailer will not just be in high demand, but would also have a huge impact on the country’s economy. For retailers, digital signage is more than just an attractive replacement for printed material. Here’s how:

  • Wayfinding

Shoppers in any mall or store are set out on a journey to acquire something. Sometimes, they are unfamiliar with the route to get there and are hesitating to ask for help to reach their destination. Wayfinding is an important function that retail LED signs can serve. By placing signage in the correct locations, shoppers are presented with clear instructions for reaching their destination.

  • Decision point

Upon arrival at their destination, shoppers need assistance with their purchase. By placing LED signs around the outlet with audio and video clips that promote products, customer decisions could be heavily influenced.

  • Purchase point

The next stop on the journey of a shopper is at the sales counter, where he/she is hopefully carrying a trolley full of products to be billed. This is one of the last opportunities where retail LED signs can convince a buyer to purchase something he/she may not be too sure about. Purchase point LED signs usually promote add-on purchases such as socks and shoe polish for a shoe store for example.

  • Ambience and customer experience

In addition to being a tool for promoting retail products, by creating the right content, digital signage can provide a unique brand experience for the customer. In doing so, the content displayed should be consistent with the brand identity and this can transform a bunch of retail LED signs into being a representation of the brand promoted by the store.


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