Programming your new LED sign

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Programming your new LED sign

In most cases, when you purchase an LED Sign, it comes along with free software that lets you program your sign and display the required message with an aim to advertise your products or services. There are two main categories in which LED signs can be programmed: Monochrome LED signs and Color LED signs. As for grayscale LED signs, the same rules as color LED signs will apply. In order to make the most of your money, you need to differentiate between the two kinds and program them differently.

With Monochrome LED signs, most often companies provide a hand held remote control which is all you need to program your device. The basics of programming a simple LED sign are as follows:

  • Use ‘01’ as the program name of your fist message.
  • Add more messages using ‘02’, ‘03’, ‘04’, and so on to save your messages. You can usually go up to 99 messages on the electronic sign.
  • You can instruct your sign to play either a selected few messages or all of them in order.

Once the sign has finished each program set, it will repeat. Also, keep in mind that the LED sign has a built in memory and if ever you turn it off, the memory will recognize the message displayed last and continue from that point onwards.

For color LED signs, all you need to get started is a basic Windows based PC where you can connect the sign via a fiber optic cable, wireless radio, broadband wireless, phone modem or any other connecting device provided by the company. If you have purchased a high quality, fully featured LED sign which can display images and videos, the company you purchased from will most often offer free designing for your messages. A staff member will arrange the required text and images on your sign. You could include original ads and any other custom artwork as part of your messaging mix. Once the design is complete, the software provided will allow you to schedule and update the display of messages weeks or even months in advance.


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