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Practical tips for corporate and retail signage

When the trading environment is very competitive, retailers need to create an engaging environment to build brand loyalty. Engaging consumers is the key to persuade and influence a purchase, and digital signage is a great way to engage consumers and enhance the consumer experience. At the same time, smart digital signage strategies are gaining popularity as a successful means of engaging employees in a business. By displaying sales targets, performances and customer satisfaction results in a real time manner and relevant manner, employers are influencing employee behavior and also motivating performance and productivity.

So how can employers and retailers make sure that their digital signage strategies are showing results? Here are a few do’s and don’ts to answer that question:


  • Don’t think that digital signage is just about displaying some content on a screen. Think about how the data is being segmented and displayed to specific audiences that target when and where action can be taken.
  • Don’t think that the LED screen is just a showpiece on the wall. Think about how it is a major part of several other technologies such as tablets, mobile phones, video walls and so on. All these devices have the ability to display standardized intelligent content from one source.
  • Don’t think that interactivity is just about the wave of a finger or arm. Go the extra mile and make sure interactivity includes social media platforms as well.
  • Don’t implement your signage unless you have a clear cut strategy. Get help from experts and design a creative campaign strategy. With this strategy, build your content keeping in mind that it has to be engaging and influencing to buyer behavior. Only then can you be assured that action will be taken when and where it matters most.
  • Don’t stay focused on one technology. Stay updated with the rapid pace of digital transformation or else your business will fall behind.
  • Don’t assume that investing in technology is sufficient to solve your problems. Consult experts for a complete turnkey solution and train your employees for engagement and communication strategies if needed. An investment is always a long-term strategy; not a quick purchase.
  • Don’t forget to support your technological solution well. There are times it may fail and give you wrong results. Make sure your investment includes a fully managed service that provides the benefits of continuous monitoring from onsite and remote care plans. LED Craft is a recommended company for all your digital signage solutions as they have a wide range of products to choose from and they provide great after sales service too.


  • Do come up with user generated content wherever possible. Customer reviews and employee contributions are bound to instill confidence, build brand loyalty and convert shoppers into actually buyers. Peer content influences people more than marketing machines. So involve customers and employees in your content plan. Both employees and customers can be kept engaged with surveys, online feedback and so on.
  • Do make use of intelligent techniques that influence behavior. Some examples are: gamification, and alert based resolution messaging. Don’t just make your content interactive, make it playful.
  • Do have a strategy to review your progress against KPIs so you can chart your performance effectively. The biggest question to answer is: is your digital communication plan working? Necessary data and analytics technologies need to be used to correctly measure, adjust and improve the results of your performance.
  • Do ensure that you have a powerful and scalable content management system (CMS). Also keep in mind that your system is user friendly and highly intuitive.

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