Points to consider for outdoor Church sign investments

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Points to consider for outdoor Church sign investments

Installing digital signage outside Churches is a very logical decision because the congregation is in constant need of up-to-date information. For this reason, it is worthwhile to replace printed leaflets and traditional bulletin boards with electronic Church signs. However, Church associates should keep in mind that investing in electronic signage for a Church is not the same as doing so in a financial, retail, hospitality or any other setting. Therefore, here are a few points to think about when investing in an outdoor Church LED sign.

  • Funding the investment

Since a Church is a non-profit organization, coming up with the funds for LED signs can be daunting. Some Churches have donors who voluntarily provide the funds whereas sometimes you might have to raise funds specifically for the investment. Another idea is to request a company to sponsor the sign in exchange for a logo to be permanently visible on the screen.

  • Working with the team of decision makers

In the case of a Church, there is often a large committee with less technical knowledge through which this investment decision will have to be approved by. This committee has to be educated on the advantages of an electronic outdoor Church sign as opposed to traditional signs.

  • Satisfy the congregation

A Church congregation consists of people with different beliefs and opinions. Which is why the idea of LED signs can be fascinating to some but not so much to others. The latter faction may have to be convinced of how incorporation of latest technology into the Church environment can attract the younger generation.

  • Finding the right person to be in charge of the sign

Sometimes institutes invest in an LED sign but fail to update it regularly. The key here is to find an appropriate person who will update and manage the sign with a proper sense of responsibility.

  • Having appropriate content

It is advisable to establish a written policy on the kind of content that should be published.

  • Return on Investment

The ROI for a Church is not always monetary. An outdoor Church sign will be considered successful if the Church results in higher participation and a more informed and engaged congregation.


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