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Are Church Marquee LED Signs a Hazard or an Attraction?

Did You Know?

Statistics prove Marquee LED Signs have a positive impact on profit-non-profit institutes

Over the years, small businesses have had a gut feeling about marquee LED signs being a critical factor in the success of their business. Now they have proof of this. The National Signage Research and Education Conference was recently held under the theme ‘Science of Signage’. At this conference, a study revealed the economic value obtained by making use of on-premise electronic message boards.

In this survey, 162 small business owners participated to show that signage does increase traffic and sales. According to 64% of these business owners, enhancing the signage by making it bigger or moving it to a better location experienced an increase in sales by approximately 12 percent. In addition to sales, the number of transactions increased by 59% and profits by 56%.

A well known banquet center in Detroit shows a brilliant example of how beneficial electronic signs are for a business. The company replaced its  4 x 8 foot double sided traditional letter hoarding with a 4 x 12 foot 19 mm color marquee LED sign, and the number of wedding and events that landed in their books quadrupled in just two years. The manager believes that by displaying digital photographs of couples being newly wedded and leaving the church, the guests who arrive at the reception felt quite welcomed.

According to the University of Cincinnati, who organized the conference, ‘any institute, whether profit or non profit, will not be able to function at its best without a well designed electronic message board for their premise’.

Statistics reveal the impact of LED signage on safety of drivers

Another study looked into whether or not the installation of on-premise church marquee signs and other electronic message boards were a safety hazard for vehicles driving by. The results of this study concluded that there is no statistically significant increase in number of both single as well as multiple vehicles accidents linked with placing marquee LED signs on roads, thus indicating that LED signs do not have an impact on driving

How Church Marquee Signs attract visitors

When driving by a church, its marquee LED sign is the first thing noticed by drivers. You are aiming at making your church relevant to everyone passing by, looking to convey a message for those who are devout and those who are not. What impression is your church sign giving to passers-by? Is it successfully conveying your message or is it going by unnoticed because it is lost in road congestion? If the latter is true, maybe it is time to re-invest in a marquee LED sign for your church fellowship.

Attending a service is not the only reason why one would visit a church; many consider churches to be a gathering place for inspiration. For this reason, effective outreach is essential and this is where the investment in a church marquee sign would come very much in handy. These will assure that the community is informed about social and charitable events taking place in the church. Furthermore, members can be attracted to take part in Bible study sessions and youth groups. The electronic message board can also be used to display humorous, yet thought provoking messages, inform the community about service timings or simply exhibit verses from the bible.

The National Evangelistic Association has conducted a study which states that 10% of newcomers to the church mentioned that the church marquee sign is the main medium that attracted them to come to doors of the Holy Church. 

Therefore, the future of your church depends on whether or not you invest in a marquee LED sign. Let our knowledgeable experts at LED Craft Inc. guide you through the process of creating a unique display for your church that will become a fixed landmark for years down the line.

Interesting Facts about LED Church Marquee Signs

  • Allows the church to advertise times during which services will be held.
  • Interesting Bible verses can be displayed to encourage the existing congregation as well as to attract the general public.
  • With better communication, a church can increase its involvement with other community events, sports functions and fundraisers.
  • To motivate the congregation, church marquee signs can be used to thank volunteers, recognize baptisms and celebrate achievements and other special occasions so that more people are attracted to the church for the same reasons.
  • In addition to the above, a church sign helps improve the overall aesthetics of your church and the community around it.
  • To do all of the above, a marquee LED sign will be the most cost effective solution compared to traditional advertising methods.
  • An electronic sign board provides a church with the perfect way to convey their messages and effectively communicate with its members and the rest of the community.

In conclusion, the common features amongst all churches include:

  1. Churches need money to fund whatever vision they have in mind
  2. Pastors need more time as well as more manpower to help them
  3. Churches are always looking for ways to get more people to join the congregation and to keep them there

Therefore, in order for a church to obtain optimum advantage of marquee LED signs and succeed at getting their organization noticed while keeping cost-effectiveness in mind, they need to hire an LED display service provider that is well experienced and helpful enough to go out of their way to make sure clients achieve their advertising objectives. At LED Craft Inc., not only do we provide a range of high quality electronic message board options, but we guarantee a reliable service along with maximum warranty options for our clients.


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