Outdoor digital signage trends for 2015

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Outdoor digital signage trends for 2015

The trend towards interactive media has become increasingly intriguing in outdoor LED signage. Electronic signage has completely energized its counterpart, static displays, and has taken interactive marketing to a whole new level. As a result, outdoor signage is now an ideal choice for companies to interact with customers.

Below are a few trends how LED signs are now more interactive.

  • Wireless data is used to program LED displays and message centers conveniently. This is the same technology that smart phones are powered by and it allows controlling the LED display from almost anywhere.
  • Due to increased competition for outdoor LED signage, the pixel pitch is becoming tighter and as a result we have higher resolution signboards with fantastic displays.
  • The technology used in sign programming is becoming more detailed and therefore, it is easier to break down your targeted demographics so as to reach them better. Programming options are now customizable, which means that different demographics of traffic passing by can be targeted and dynamic factors can be marketed (such as inventory data, weather conditions and calendar events).
  • Faster response has become an increasingly popular consumer expectation these days. Outdoor LED signs allow companies to adapt to this trend by displaying dynamic content and providing updates for unexpected occurrences. If a business is concerned about technology being de-personalized, it will be glad how LED displays are able to foster loyalty and give customers what they are looking for faster than their competitors.
  • Digital signage is now able to combine proximity with interactivity by providing visible and vibrant content. With the advanced software of LED displays, a business can promote loyalty clubs, coupons and other promotions. When a customer is within close proximity, exclusive content can be delivered to their smart phone. This way, there is no paper wasted and no cost of delivering coupons to their doorstep.

The world where technology drives society is gradually evolving. Readily available technology and newer applications continue to personalize our lives, making day-to-day decisions simpler by giving consumers the required information to organize their lives. Looking at it from a different perspective, interactive marketing is less intrusive in comparison to traditional marketing because it caters to needs and routines of a customer’s life; hence allowing technology to serve the community in extraordinary ways.


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