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New trends to drive customer experience innovation

To grab an understanding of what kind of trends are taking part in the digital signage industry, we first need to understand where the market is heading. What is clearly obvious is that ‘digital signage’ was just a narrow term defined a few years ago and has now become a much more diverse experience. Not only are we aiming at catching the attention of potential customers with LED signs; we also want to engage people for a substantial amount of time so as to make sure they have a good impression of our brand. Sectors such as the travel industry, museums, events and tradeshows, brick and mortar retail, hotels and educational institutions are heavily adapting to the use of latest technology in LED signs to inform, engage and entertain their target market.

Content, screens and players will always remain as key components of the digital experience network. Hardware and software advancements are continuously enriching this network and giving users innovative ways to experience content. There are five specific trends in this context that are encouraging a wave of innovation in electronic signage.

Multiple-screen perception

While once upon a time, being able to interact with an LED screen was amusing to everyone, today, it is just a part of our routine. Regardless of what kind of experience the audience is presented with, on-screen presentation and interaction is becoming commonplace. Some such examples are a synchronized video wall, a simulated attraction or a collection of multiple screens to build an overall experience.

Real time streaming and encoding

A dynamic digital experience comes by creating a strong foundation of rich media. With the latest hardware devices, streaming and real time encoding is possible to a range of end devices with the help of Internet Protocols (IP). This in turn enables including a wide range of content to be displayed on LED screens: live HD video, direct media streaming from online sources, content from cameras and audio content are some examples. Some hardware devices simply act as IP streaming servers to allow secure distribution of videos to multiple devices without actually having to store the content on each device.

Deployment technology

With expansions of the scale and complexity of networks, deploying the technology becomes more and more challenging. This challenge in turn encourages newer technologies to make the deployment process simpler. For instance, recent introductions in the market lets indoor LED sign investors to install and deploy several players automatically, in one go. Conventional deployment required duplication of memory cards where every player on the network needed a copy of the card to be able to deploy messages. This new cloud deployment technology is making a massive difference in the industry.

Tagging media and content players

Tagging content and individual media players is now possible and that opens doors to newer levels of customization in digital signage. With the introduction of tagging, a very complicated task for content managers is now streamlined in a way where anyone can decide which content should appear at which location. An entire playlist can be tagged and instructed to be displayed on certain LED screens at different times. A second level of content filtering is possible with player tags for premium targeting to a specific target market. For investors with ever expanding LED sign networks, these tagging features are extremely useful. Marketing firms that deploy digital signage networks for many businesses also find this feature to be of great help.

Interactivity via beacons and Bluetooth

By making Bluetooth technology a part of the digital signage network, business can engage customers in a very advanced manner. Bluetooth and beacon technology can communicate with each other between the LED sign and the customer’s mobile device. By doing so, businesses can provide extremely targeted and relevant content to the customer, thereby increasing engagement. Furthermore, customers also have the opportunity to interact with and control the signage using their mobile devices. This new feature ups the standard of LED signage to a dual screen experience for customers and allows businesses to obtain highly targeted audience participation. If you are considering a new LED sign investment, you can trust LED Craft Inc for all your electronic sign solutions. We have a wide range of signs for you to choose from at absolutely amazing deals. Make your LED sign investment today and maximize the benefits that are almost limitless.


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