The need to transition to 21st century Church signage

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The need to transition to 21st century Church signage

Your church sign is an old friend that has done an honor to you by acting as a welcome mat to your church community. It has been several years and now your membership is looking out for something new and bold on the road. This is probably the right time to make a statement for your church. Both the church and the community have changed since the time of that old sign investment. It has done its job; now your church needs a better way to outreach the community and this can be done with LED Church signs. Instead of changeable letters, this new technology does not involve physically going out and changing the message on the sign. Instead, passersby can be kept updated about the church happenings by way of simple programming software installed on a computer inside the church. Using this software, the church sign can be updated with just a click of a button.

Now you are obviously thinking that this new technology probably costs a lot and how can the church afford it. Considering how much growth a church could possibly experience over the next decade, the extra cost of an LED sign will pay for itself in no time. Also, the audiences you are trying to reach are in modern times and your church sign has to be appealing to them. A vibrant LED church sign outside your church is sure to be noticed by everyone driving by. Your brick and mortar structure obviously tells everyone you are a church but this sign will tell them everything going on inside those four walls. Every time a person drives by, he would be learning something new about your church. Soon you will realize how an exciting sign on the road converts into more membership, a connected community and an appeal to the youth.

When making your LED church sign investment, keep in mind that the brightness of your sign has to compete with the sun. In the LED sign industry, the display is measured as a ‘nit’ rating and the standard is 6000 nits. It is very important that your sign is visible in the morning hours to cars approaching from the east and in the evening hours to cars approaching from the west. At these times, the sun is beating down on the sign and if the brightness is poor, your LED church sign will just become a very expensive nightlight and nothing else. To avoid such a scenario, trust LED Craft Inc to provide you with a clever solution for your LED church sign needs. We will make sure your sign has a minimum brightness of 10,000 nits in order to compete effectively with the sunshine.

Another important characteristic to keep in mind is the measurement of brightness of each LED on the sign. The measurement for this is the MCD rating and the industry standard is 2200 MCDs. A clever investment would be to purchase a sign that has double the industry standard so that any dimming of LEDs will not affect the brightness of your sign. Once again, LED Craft Inc will ensure you are given the best LED church sign features to suit your investment.

Lastly, you also have to keep in mind that any outdoor sign is a victim of vandalism. LED Craft Inc is a reputed and trustworthy LED sign manufacturer that engineers electronic signage with protective lenses to cover the LED bulbs and keep your LED sign safe. If your sign is not protected with such measures, spray paint artists and rock throwers will love to vandalize your property.

Your church sign is the only part of your church community that has to be kept alone on the road for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It will be replacing your old sign and will have to provide hard and faithful service towards attracting a bigger congregation. This is a big responsibility; hence make sure you have made the right LED church sign investment in terms of a better future.

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