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Why manufacturing industries should use LED signage

As we are all well aware, digital signage is the best solution for displaying multimedia content and is very popular amongst the public when it comes to retail and transport sectors. Here it replaces traditional paper advertising and is very much appreciated by consumers as well as operators. In terms of industrial sectors, LED signage systems can be combined with production management and monitoring systems and real time production data can be displayed on LED screens placed at one or more production sites.

Production operators in manufacturing firms find it very convenient to access qualitative information in a visual manner. By replacing paper and poster listings with LED signs, you are showing the world that your enterprise is making technological progress and is part of the digital revolution. Also, it is working towards keeping the production team informed with accurate and visually attractive information at all times. With the implementation of this digital signage campaign, your firm will also experience increased productivity.

Apart from essential production information, the following content can be displayed on these LED screens:

Reminders, rules and safety instructions

  • Rules of operation within the firm
  • Safety/emergency alerts
  • Contact details of safety officer
  • Record of how long there has been no accident within the workplace
  • Schedules of upcoming safety training sessions
  • Videos demonstrating best working practices

With an automated content management system, in case of any emergency, the content display loop can instantly be interrupted by accessing a smart device and the relevant emergency message can be displayed.

Manufacturing methods and organization

  • Weekly/monthly/daily goals for production
  • Performance statistics
  • Quality assessment
  • Audit schedule for quality and results of audit
  • Working hours and break times
  • Dates of maintenance operations being carried out

With an effective LED signage system, the operators of the production department are bought closer to staff in other supporting departments such as HR, quality check, scheduling department and so on. Instant messages can be displayed on LED screens placed everywhere and as a result, communication between these departments is faster and effective. For example, if a particular department achieves its daily target, congratulating messages can instantly be customized and broadcasted to encourage staff.

Production operators usually never have access to PCs or mobile devices and therefore accessing email and social networks is not possible for them. With LED screens, they have access to information such as scheduled tours of production sites, general goals, results achieved by the enterprise and so on. Other unique information shared with office staff in HR, administration and executive departments can also be communicated to production operators in order to make sure they are in the loop with all messages being passed across the organization. Sometimes, passing information through workforce involved disruptive ‘noise’ and the actual information does not reach the production operator. Digital signage eliminates ‘noise’ and makes sure direct and accurate information is communicated to the workforce.

General information broadcasting

Apart from helping production operators, LED screens within the enterprise can be used for general information purposes too.

  • Enhance visitor experience (client, partner, supplier, associates, etc) by displaying warm welcome messages, way-finding instructions and other useful information
  • The entire workforce across the enterprise (cafeteria, gym, washrooms, etc) are kept informed on company events, activities, achievements, marketing techniques and other general safety rules such as emergency escape routes, contact numbers and so on. Working hours, special holidays and other such general information can also be displayed to inform the workforce.
  • Training can be conducted on LED screens along with other supportive media.

Direct benefits of Digital Signage in industry:

  • Enhanced productivity
  • Safety and quality procedures and policies are reinforced to the workforce
  • Management is effective
  • Workforce feels integrated and inclusive with all information within the enterprise
  • Time is saved in passing information to and fro production lines and middle management
  • Instructions are easy to remember

Benefits to the enterprise:

  • Improved general communications
  • Lesser environmental footprint since paper usage is much less
  • Enhanced modern image; both internally and externally

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