LED signs keep customers up to speed in the automotive industry

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LED signs keep customers up to speed in the automotive industry

Scheduling visits to your car dealership or service center may be a daunting task to many because you are aware that it will probably be a long and boring day involving a lot of time wasted. These long waits at the automobile service centers often make customers cranky and uncooperative. Many automotive businesses are already using digital signage at their offices but what is more important is to make proper use of audio and visual solutions to enhance the outlook of your dealership. Technological advancements have brought in extremely high quality, yet affordable video displays which, if used correctly, can help in reducing boredom and perceived waiting times as well as add value to the customer’s experience.

With advanced audio/visual displays, you can upgrade the LED signage solutions at your dealership to include dynamic and preloaded branded content. This content can be regularly updated with fresh and engaging material. You can update the material quickly and easily from wherever you are because of the web based maintenance system. Make use of the available technology to streamline the uploading and displaying of new content so that your LED signs are never outdated.

Importance of tailor made content

Due to the ease and speed of being able to update the dealership LEDs, you can customize the content communicated to your audience based on your location and clientele, thereby eliminating the “one size fits all” approach that many franchised businesses have adopted. At your automobile dealership, you can choose to display news that is specific to your location, promotions that your service branch is offering, and any other information pertaining to your outlet. You can also integrate your social media feed to you LED sign content so that all audiences can view your social media presence while waiting for their cars to be served. Such customized solutions for displaying content ensures that your customers are exposed only to content that is up-to-date and relevant to their customer experience.

High quality, affordable video displays allows automotive businesses to reduce perceived waiting times and add value to the customer experience.

Tailor made content specific to your audience allows automotive businesses to announce limited time offers, promote featured items, push sales for seasonal special items, which all lead to increased sales for the business. Furthermore, businesses can quickly, clearly and effectively build a connection with customers and ensure that they are efficiently delivered important communications relevant to their vehicle purchase or service. LED signs can also be integrated with a queuing system that gives accurate waiting times to customers and shows how organized the procedures at the dealership are. Furthermore, helpful tips regarding vehicle care and maintenance can also be displayed on the LED signs. All this information helps achieve the overall objective of enhanced customer experiences.

In addition to reducing perceived waiting times and entertaining your clientele while they wait, customized solutions for LED signage can simplify your sales process and provide accurate information to customers regarding your inventory. Instead of printed catalogs, use digital catalogs with interactive solutions to allow customers to individually browse through your inventory and familiarize themselves with features and pricing options. This way they don’t have to wait until a sales associate serves them with such information.

Improved business aesthetics

LED signs can also add a sense of comfort to your dealership by adding to the overall aesthetics of your business. Today’s sleek and stylish options for LED signs can do the job of enhancing the interior décor of your showroom without distracting the attention from the display of merchandise. Effectively designing the content to be displayed on LED signs can reduce clutter and make more space on the floor of the showroom, thereby eliminating the need for bulky floor displays and printed signs.

Advanced programming to cater to specific audiences

Many advanced digital signage options allow users to carefully select a range of network TV programming which they can combine with their unique, branded content. Extremely advanced solutions can even eliminate annoyances from TV programming such as advertisements and content that promotes your competitors. As a result, your automotive business can choose network options which will broadcast content that is specifically hand selected to cater to your target market. For instance, screening for programming that provides family friendly automotive options or programs that are of interest to your unique customer base.

Effective use of LED signs at your automobile dealership helps increase customer knowledge of the services you provide, the current inventory of your business, reduce perceived waiting times, add value and provide a sense of overall satisfaction to customers.


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