How LED signs can deliver a millennial customer experience

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How LED signs can deliver a millennial customer experience

The LED signage industry is booming – from $16.88 billion in 2015, the market value is expected to rise to $27.43 billion in 2022 – a 62% increase in seven years!

The main reason for this strong growth is because digital signage plays a huge role in maximizing customer experience: millennial shoppers are those who appreciate these technology driven interactions the most.

What is that critical moment?

With LED signs, a brand is able to control that critical decision making moment where consumers are deciding what they want. According to Google experts, this critical ‘micro moment’ is when a shopper’s automatic reflex is to use his/her personal hand held smart device to learn something more about a product, or possibly buy it online at a cheaper rate. These are intent rich deciding moments that also shape preferences. Moreover, during these moments, expectations of consumers are at their highest. We expect those smart phones/tablets in our pockets to provide us with the exact brand information at the right time.

Preparing for the critical moment

Today’s marketers have to be prepared for those ‘micro moments’ and should be able to deliver the right content in the right manner about the relevant products. The level of engagement in preparing campaigns should not only be personalized but should be exactly related to what information the consumer needs at that particular moment. Digital signage is able to do exactly that. For instance, by integrating with beacon technology linked to mobile apps, LED sign content can be perfectly customized with information based on what is known about the customer.

Benefits of popular LED sign applications

User generated content on social media

Millennial customers are very likely to post details about their visit to a store on social media platforms and they will probably tag products that they were considering to purchase. They would also post selfies and comments regarding the store and/or products they looked at.

This real time information that is being posted on social media can be displayed on LED screens in your store to let visitors know how much they matter to you. As a result, a psychological reward loop is instantly created and that makes customers feel good. In fact some companies go one step further to reward those postings with discount coupons and so on. This is what really means maximizing a customer’s experience!

Influencing impulse shopping

When it comes to the world of online shopping, product reviews are an essential part of the decision making process. Using these very same product reviews in the physical world will also help drive decisions. By displaying product reviews on LED signs placed at the shelf edge in your store, you can influence consumers who are in two minds about a purchase. Knowing that other buyers are happy with the product will convince a consumer to add the product to their cart rather than just passing by the shelf. Also, with the huge amounts of available information, it is easy to tell that the purchase of one product will lead to the purchase of a specific other product. By prompting this information on digital signage, you can increase up-sells and cross-sells.

Essential brand building information

Millennials are concerned about your brand’s status in the environment and how you are helping the social community. It could be money that you have given to charities, money invested in social causes, or hours worked in local charities. This kind of company information should be proudly displayed on indoor LED signs.

These few examples make it quite clear that digital signs are an important link in providing a better physical customer experience. Many companies are finding it difficult to maintain that standard in delivering customized content. LED Craft Inc recommends firms to find a decoupled content management system that holds content and presentation as two separate entities. By doing this, your back end content management system can converse with a front end device through a built-in industry-standard API. The delivery of content is significantly simplified and content-as-a-service (CaaS) is thereby enabled. For example, these CaaS systems allow retailers to influence buyer behavior at the point of sale by providing real time targeted content.

So it is a good idea for brands to explore ways in which LED signs can optimize customer experience and make it a fun, engaging and informative one, as a result, securing customer loyalty.


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