Importance of investing in LED signs

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Importance of investing in LED signs

While static signs are gradually diminishing, LED signs are being used more than ever before. Due to technological advancements, digital signage is now extremely accessible. But there are more important reasons why LED signs are a useful solution for companies who once made use of traditional signage.
Traditional signage has only two ways of dealing with content: create it and then print it. However, all content is valid only for a certain period of time, after which it becomes outdated. Then the content on the traditional sign has to be removed and replaced. However, with LED signs, your content is customized based on time periods. Interactive content can be tailored, hence giving quick access to customer when needed. The cost of seasonal printing for static signage is replaced by the flexibility of digital displays. In addition to that, digital signs allow information to reach the desired target market directly.
Big Data
With static signage, be it a massive billboard or a small poster taped on a window, collecting useful data is extremely difficult. You cannot accurately guage the effectiveness of your traditional sign. Digital signage on the other hand is not just a vehicle that takes information to the correct audience, it can also help you understand the audience and cater the message accordingly. Furthermore, interactive technology allows gathering data on:
• Usage
• Outcomes
• Overall interaction
• Dwell times
• Demographics
• Overall traffic
Return on investment
LED signs, although a heavy initial investment, provide an amazing long term ROI.
The flexibility of digital signage allows
• more amendments to be made to the sign without the occurrence of the cost of re-printing the entire sign
• catering you content to a particular audience
• fast and simple ways to organizing new content and display it.
As for data collection, digital signage solutions provide ways of collecting data that static signage has no way of beating. Although there are costs associated with this data collection, the returns outweigh the costs


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