How technology beats traditional methods of advertising

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How technology beats traditional methods of advertising

The most cost effective technological method of advertising is without a doubt LED sign boards. Let us now compare this method to that of traditional billboard advertising. Some unbeaten advantages that this technological method brings include the following:

  • The LED display is constantly changeable so as to keep the audience’s interest alive every time they pass the hoarding. A traditional billboard can only be changed if someone climbs up there and puts up a fresh paper. This is usually expensive and time consuming.
  • The bright and intense colours with special effects are bound to grab the attention of drivers and ensure that they will not pass by without reading the billboard.
  • LED displays provide the advantage of being able to easily and immediately change any facts and figures. For example, the date of an event which unexpectedly had to be postponed. Furthermore, the messages displayed can be scheduled depending on the hours of the day and your target market.
  • In terms of cost, the initial investment of a traditional billboard may be less; its running costs are much higher. As mentioned before, the cost of changing the hoarding is very high. Comparatively, digital signage has a higher initial investment cost but when broken down over its total usage life, the cost is barely visible.
  • There are statistics to prove that traditional hoardings are very easily forgettable. The same person passing by the same billboard message every day will not even bother to look at it after a few times. Whereas with an LED billboard, the message keeps changing and is more attractive, hence the same driver will definitely look at it every time he/she passes by.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that if your traditional billboard was placed next to an LED advertisement, it is highly likely that your billboard message will go unnoticed. In countries with a high tourist count, LED billboards are a great way to promote tourist destinations. Moreover, if your digital display is the only one in the area, your brand will have all the attention of passersby.


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