How SMBs should use combo LED signs to stand out

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How SMBs should use combo LED signs to stand out

In every industry, small and medium sized business are struggling to compete with large corporates. Combo LED signs certainly offer a helping hand in this struggle, by guaranteeing attention of customers, driving traffic and increasing sales. Here are a few reasons why it is mandatory for SMBs to invest in LED signs.

  • Widespread appeal for digital signage

Digital media is versatile in ways that papers and banners cannot reach, particularly due to its ability to display a variety of content and make it interactive too. In 2013, the average customer saw only 14 minutes of LED signage for a week; whereas in 2017, this figure is expected to rise to 56 minutes.

  • Benefits to an SMB

Apart from a customer’s money, you need their trust. If the latter does not exist, the former will only bring in business once. Some industries benefit more from LED signs compared to others. A good example of such a business is doctor and dentist clinics. Here, patients spend a lot of time waiting. Their boredom should be transformed into entertainment with the help of combo LED signs.

  • LED signs are a form of taxation for SMBs

Just like taxes, electronic signs can also adapt to how much money you can afford to spend on it. By leveling this playing field, SMBs are more able to compete with larger corporations. Furthermore, because small businesses incur more change than larger ones, the former are the ones who need flexible signage the most.

  • Any business is fit for digital signage

Don’t think under the lines that LED signs are only useful for healthcare, restaurant and other such industries. At a car service station, an interactive LED screen can help you with the servicing of your car. In a consulting firm, LED signs can be used purely for the purpose of communicating information. This cuts down costs and makes management easier. Within a workplace, digital signage can motivate employees and boost their performance. These are just a few examples; the list of possibilities with LED signs is endless.


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