How programmable LED signs make healthcare more effective

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How programmable LED signs make healthcare more effective

Health care is a busy organization and efficiency is key if things need to be kept running smoothly. With programmable LED signs, important information can be communicated to patients, visitors and employees, with an aim to streamline daily activities. Below we discuss five popular ways in which the health care industry uses digital signage.

  1. To provide employees with instant and important information

Sometimes medical personnel just don’t have the time to read emails or converse with colleagues. Programmable LED signs are ideal for informing staff about events, meetings, schedules, construction and maintenance. Employees just need to take a quick glance at the LED screen to stay in the loop.

  1. Way-finding for patients and visitors

Hospitals can be much of a maze to many. An outpatient would be looking for the radiology department while visitors would be looking around to find which room their loved one is in. Digital signage can display directions for patients and visitors to quickly and easily find their way around, making hospital stays and visits less stressful.

  1. Keep everyone alert about emergencies

Personnel working in operating rooms or laboratories for example may not be alerted with just an alarm bell. Also, an alarm in a hospital might not be a very good idea as it may cause unwanted panic to patients. Programmable LED signs are highly visible and can carry simple instructions to everyone.

  1. Communicating compliance rules

Even though the staff is trained, it is possible they may forget some rules and regulations. LED screens repetitively reminding employees regarding these rules will help keep employees on their toes.

  1. Make the wait seem faster

Waiting rooms can get quite boring. Digital signage provides interesting content for waiting patients so as to avoid boring them. While weather reports, general health tips and news feeds doesn’t make the wait time shorter, it certainly gives the patient an enjoyable hospital experience


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