Guide to Involving Students to Use LED School Signs

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Guide to Involving Students to Use LED School Signs

In today’s world, students are completely tech savvy, having grown up with technology around them 24/7. They are extremely comfortable in viewing information from all shapes and sizes of screens. In addition to that, the mix of distance learning and online learning are now on the forefront of educational discussions today. Hence experts recommend that it would be very sensible and effective for school administrators to cater to the kind of environment that students are already familiar with and thereby transform the school into a 21st century digital world. Implementing LED school signs can most definitely improve communication without any disruption to instructions.

Connect with students

Some students prefer visual learning more than others. Educators should focus on capturing and engaging those students with the help of LED school signs. For those that are not so tech savvy, realize the need for them to become digitally literate and use digital signs to inform them of best practices on internet safety, downloading files and other such things.

An interesting idea is to use LED displays as a platform to support instructions. In here you can exhibit important terms or teaser graphics related to upcoming or ongoing lessons. When students walk around the school viewing these LED screens, they are constantly reminded about classroom discussions while at the same time educated about additional information and instruction on the subject.

Encourage practical approaches

Allow students to get directly involved with what is displayed on LED school signs. Encourage them to design their own digital messages and presentations. Peers can then have a look and vote for the most creative design. This method recognizes work well done while also creating a sense of community and teaching students’ critical values that have to be effectively communicated in today’s information age.

Writing reports is an activity that students do in school all the time. Transform this monotonous activity into something fun by getting teachers to choose the best few reports and encouraging the entire class to work as a team in turning these reports into a group of attractive slides to be displayed around LED school signs. This way, every student gets involved in the project, students who do the best work have their achievements recognized, and those who did not do well the first time are given another opportunity to up their game.

Organize fun projects

If students are interested in digital learning, make the digital signage system in your school into long term projects. For example, the students in the English class can be divided into teams that come up with a four-week series that exhibits a message about Shakespeare on all LED school signs. At the same time, the math students could be divided into teams to find easy ways of teaching all other students the basic ideas of algebra. It is guaranteed that students will remember 90% of what they teach others. Hence these kinds of fun projects prove that students really do understand what is being taught to them.

In addition to being a place of study, schools should also be a place of fun. Another interesting idea is to have students and teachers create timelines using cartoons and videos to tell a story in a creative and innovative manner. By maintaining consistency in themes and characters, a sense of identity will form and students will have something fun to talk about during playtime.

Gamification is another buzzword that students are into these days. Projects can be turned into games and contests

Young student with virtual futuristic interface simulating digital blackboard.

to motivate students to participate and explore. Their efforts can then be rewarded. You could make up teams to compete against each other and display real-time progress on the LED school signs. All the students will be aware of currents standings and the level of involvement will be higher. The projects mentioned above are just a few examples of things that can be transformed into gamification. Administrators should ensure that rewards for students are tangible – example: pizza parties, mall discounts, t-shirts, etc. Such rewards will encourage even the most reluctant students to get involved in the action.

Schools should make use of their LED school signs as ways to more than just advertise events, inform and instruct students and teachers. They should be used in a way that can gather students and motivate them to create a fun and educational learning environment. LED Craft Inc manufactures a wide variety of digital school signs that school administrators can choose from for their investment. Simply visit the website and learn more about the many valuable deals they have for the school signs range.


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