Getting smart with your city authorities

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Getting smart with your city authorities

Without the permission of city authorities, building, renting or maintaining an LED sign is impossible. They have great power and you need to think smart to deal with them in a manipulative way.
Get Personal
Walk around the city office and look for the person who issues billboard permits in your area. Don’t be too obvious but just brush a polite “Hello” whenever you see them. Gradually they will come to know you and that personal touch will give you the upper hand when it comes to permission issues. However, keep your distance with them. Getting too close might look like you are bribing them and rumors can spread.
Build Trust
Cheating and lying to an inspector means a lifetime full of regret. Be as direct and honest as possible. If you have to lie, do it modestly. For example, instead of answering “yes” as a lie, say “I think so”. You are aiming to build a good trust and rapport with the inspector so that over time they will not even need to inspect your billboard application before approving it.
Write Great Applications
In the real world, you HAVE to do your homework. For your digital sign application to be perfect every section should be filled and all supporting documents have to be there. Typed applications are better because if the inspector is unable to read your handwriting, it is an overall disadvantage for your application.
Be Tough if Mistreated
After submitting a perfect application and are still unable to get your permission, you may feel you are not being treated fairly. In this case, prepare yourself to get tough. You could get an attorney to prove them wrong and show that there is no harm in them issuing permission for your billboard.
Maintaining relationships with the city authorities requires as much efforts as your other personal relationships. This makes the whole process of getting permission for your digital billboards a very pleasant one.


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