Getting smart with visual interactions to personalize digital signage

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Getting smart with visual interactions to personalize digital signage

When we talk about using analytics to measure performance, achieve outcomes and improve customer experience with regard to digital signage, people often think we are referring to the analysis of big spreadsheets and databases. What many fail to notice are the multiple dimensions of analytics. When people engage with digital signage, visual interactions occur, and these are the key to customizing the experience while also optimizing ROI and effectiveness of the signage. The journey of the user with LED signs will have different aspects of visual interactions:

  1. The physical proximity of the person to the signage

By placing a camera on the digital signage screen and linking it to face recognition software, the presence of a person or group close to the screen can be detected and demographic data can be obtained. As a result, relevant and targeted advertising is displayed on the screen. In this process, protecting the privacy of individuals is essential and this can be done by not saving any data regarding individuals.

  1. The kind of approach and attraction

If the digital sign focuses more on targeted advertising with the use of visual analytics, more people will approach the sign. A combination of video and audio signs should motivate people to touch the screen and interact. Consequently, the user is more attracted towards the brand that has a clear call to action.

  1. The extent of visual engagement

When the user is interacting with the sign, the power of visual analytics increases. The system can track the user’s eyesight to gather information regarding what content on the screen attracted the user most, and if any content was not seen at all.

  1. Adaptive advertising and relevant content

As a result of visual analytics, adaptive advertising takes place and companies now know which ads are more successful and which ads need to be amended. The end result of all this is of course superior customer experiences, leading to higher conversions and consequently a better ROI.


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