Getting smart with indoor LED signs in a workplace

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Getting smart with indoor LED signs in a workplace

Massive industrial plants often find it quite challenging to make sure all employees, mostly those who are not in an office setting with a digital device in hand at all times, are on the same page. Sending out email alerts are obviously not possible in such situations; hence indoor LED signs are the best solution to make a factory function smoothly. In addition to communicating important messages, an LED sign in a workplace improves motivation, boosts productivity and ensures maximum safety.

Let us discuss important and effective ways in which LED signs can be used within a workplace.

  1. Place KPIs close to production lines

Big LED signs can be placed near production lines displaying actual and target figures to drive production. Real-time information such as up-to-the-minute production figures and comparisons against targeted figures can be shown to motivate employees at the production line to meet their goals.

  1. Gaming

Using the concept of winning and losing in a game has proved to be successful in motivating staff to raise production. LED signs can be used to introduce scoreboards and other such game elements. The atmosphere automatically transforms into a natural urge to win. Staff can be kept glued to the screens by continuously displaying game announcements, scores, and final prize information.

  1. Best performer of the month

Such incentives generate competition amongst employees within a company. Attractive incentives should be given to make employees genuinely work harder. LED screens should display outcomes of these incentives so that everyone within the factory is kept informed and determined to work harder to reach that position.

  1. Incident-less days

There are two purposes that indoor LED signs can serve with regard to keeping a track of how many days without incidents have gone in a factory. One is to inform employees of injury-free days and the other is to encourage safety. Break rooms and areas where clocks are placed are ideal for such LED screens to be located.


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