Five technology must-haves for an effective LED sign solution

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Five technology must-haves for an effective LED sign solution

While screen placement and effective content is critical in implementing a successful LED sign campaign, technology still remains the main driver in the industry. Only if the key building blocks are in place, your LED sign system can deliver operationally to meet your key performance indicators.

Question your digital signage network:

  • will it be of the right quality, and..
  • does it include the latest technologies to be able to deliver a long term, consistent service.

Once installed, your digital signage system should not only be able to deliver easily updatable content but should also provide you with information on how efficient your content is in engaging customers.

So what are those critical technology factors that will ensure success of your LED sign solution?


1. System-on-Chip Technology (SOC)

This is a recently introduced technology that has replaced the use of media players and experts recommend that retailers must switch to this technology. Instead of using multiple pieces of equipment for displaying messages, the software are run from the screen itself, thereby resulting in a reliable streamlined solution.

2. Commercial Grade Screens

Premium quality commercial grade LED screens are a simple and straightforward procedure, yet can be controversial when negotiating a deal. Don’t opt for cheap screens because these often turn out to be costlier in the longer run. Brands end up spending more than double of the initial cost of installing a quality screen, and also have to go through the hassle of unreliable equipment in their stores. Hence it is best to invest in high quality commercial grade LED screens from LED Craft Inc. We guarantee premium standards and a long life of the LED screen that you invest in.

When you invest in a high quality commercial grade screen, you can also easily see that it has advanced display features to present true to life images such as a higher contrast ratio and true pixel colors that do not change with changes in viewing angles.

3. LED Display Technology

Although the investment of an LED screen is expensive, its use is consistently on the rise. When used for large format work, the investment becomes extremely cost effective, hence making them perfect for grand scale installations. The technology used in high quality LED displays produce bright images which are not restricted to any particular aspect ratio. LED displays can often change shape to fit specific spaces because they are multi-purpose and well customized. The visibility in ambient lighting conditions is also better compared to other display technologies.

4. HD Projections

The technology of projecting images is also continuously growing. By incorporating high definition projectors with special projection films, retailers can transform their basic window LED displays into large digital screens displaying videos or images. This provides retailers with a unique opportunity to make use of their shop frontals as visual displays, making it a dual function highly effective tool in ensuring their brand stands out amongst competitors.

5. In-store Music

This may not exactly seem as a trend to many but more and more retailers are now using the strategy of playing music within their stores. It is being increasingly visible that great musical playlists create an amazing impact on shopping and dining experiences. Newer technologies allow central music to be played and updated with just a push of a button. These conveniences are making in-store music a popular trend with LED signage solutions.


It is very important that an all-round high quality installation is carried out in order to make sure that retail brands make the most of their LED signage campaign while making use of new and innovative strategies to engage customers. In the digital signage industry, technology is essential, along with offering a turnkey solution. Marketers and retailers should be aware of what are the best options for dealing with technology and quality of LED signage solutions. We, at LED Craft Inc manufacture LED signs by incorporating the most up-to-date technology, thereby offering high quality LED signage solutions to all our customers.


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