Evolution of content in the LED sign industry

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Evolution of content in the LED sign industry

While 63% of people agree that an LED sign attracts their attention, and 42% of people prefer to visit stores that have an LED display, is it really the content that is attracting people towards the LED screen? Or is it a cleverly strategized LED signage campaign?

Strategy rules; not content.

Businesses in a variety of industries are focusing on creating smart content for successful customer engagement in their digital signage campaigns. However, businesses should not rely solely on content; they should focus on the strategy that derives content. Answers are needed for when, why and how content can be used for attracting audiences.

For your communication plan to be effective, companies should use digital signage as a part of its wider marketing strategy. It is important to make their marketing strategy extremely customer-centric. This is usually what larger businesses have as an objective and they deliver content based on this strategy.

Without this kind of an approach, capturing and retaining interest of your target audience is difficult. Businesses have to consistently emphasize on its brand throughout their marketing campaign, which is the personality of the organization.

Content expansion

Retail industries have adapted to content personalization quite well. With technological advancements, delivering personalized content and creating effective marketing strategies has become easier than ever.

The amount of data that digital signage can be integrated with is unimaginable. Based on this data, retailers are using the check out process to provide relevant information on products and events. Furthermore, personalized messages are being manipulated into the digital environment with the help of beacons.

Therefore, due to the wide range of marketing technologies existing in the market today, having a successful strategy in place is very important. A company’s strategy should ensure that the content and technology both are fit for its purpose. Strategy should not be forgotten when new technologies are being introduced. For the new technology to be used to its optimum potential, clear goals and objectives need to be identified and a clear cut strategy with focused content should be laid out.


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