Emphasizing on the basics of effective digital signage

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Emphasizing on the basics of effective digital signage

Making the decision to switch from traditional to digital signage is the first and probably the easiest step. But in order to ensure the effectiveness of your solution and the fact that it is improving customer experiences, you need to associate with a reputed LED signage solutions provider.

For any successful launch, planning is key.

You have probably heard of the phrase “Measure twice, cut once.” Similarly, it is extremely essential to put plenty of effort in planning the transition of your signage system.

  1. What is your objective?
    1. Directing viewers
    2. Sharing information about neighboring attractions
    3. Listing information about events
    4. Promoting products and services

    … and so on.

  1. What content will be displayed?
  2. What framing will you use?
  3. Do you want a cloud-based or on-site LED signage solution?
  4. Where will you physically place the sign?

Content is king

There is absolutely no doubt that the visual appearance of the electronic sign should be attractive while also being aligned with your content strategy. A customer’s experience is directly correlated to the value provided. So at this phase, you have to focus on providing actual value – not just technology for the sake of it.

Note: A general rule of thumb: Content should enhance a guest’s experience.

Build your content based on what, when and how it will be used. Content should be clear, engaging, relevant and meaningful.

Choose a solution

Now that you have carefully selected your content and you know you’ve got it right, make use of an ideal mouthpiece that best fits your content.

Cloud based or on site solution?

Cloud based:

  • Relies on web-based software for the transmission of messages to the LED display
  • This software is hosted on an external server which can be managed online
  • The external server is maintained and monitored by a third party
  • No on-site team is needed
  • Cloud solution is an ideal choice for budget friendly and user friendly solutions.


  • Hosted on a server that is present on site
  • This server will be responsible for transmitting messages to the digital screen
  • Maintenance of this server will be done by you
  • A readily available or on-site IT team is required to support your server
  • An ideal choice if you want more control over your solution and want to pay for it upfront.

Signage ready to deploy. But where will it go?

Along with the focus on content and type of solution for an LED signage system, you should also be thoughtful about where you are going to place the digital displays. Wherever you decide to position them, make sure your guests can easily view and use them (in the case of interactive LED displays).

While the obvious choice for placing a meeting room board is outside the meeting room, directional signage placement is not so obvious. For such signs, consider the natural flow and connecting points within the organization. Promotional signs should be placed in open areas where there is down-time or waiting periods – example: lobby or waiting rooms. Keep in mind, the more the traffic the better. Your digital content will keep people entertained while they wait.

Just ask yourself:

Where will an LED display best add value to your property as well as enhance a guest’s experience?

By considering the above points and giving utmost importance to planning, content creation, choosing an effective system, and the placement of your signage, your solution will undoubtedly be a winning one!


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