Effective ways of using LED Signs in libraries

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Effective ways of using LED Signs in libraries

Once upon a time, the purpose of a local library was to lend books, CDs and movies. Today, way more services are being offered and hence real-time communication is essential to maintain relevance in a digital world.

How is the role of local libraries transforming? Libraries are becoming:

  • Information hubs
  • Conference centers
  • Great location for workshops
  • Study sessions spots
  • Hanging out spots
  • Main source for e-books

It is indeed interesting to see how digital signage can be used as a communication tool to deliver information to library visitors/patrons.

In addition to communication, digital signage demonstrates a GREEN environment for library patrons.

Whether it is a conference room in a library, at the front desk, or at the cafeteria, messages can be displayed anywhere with LED screens. Content can range from library events to public announcements to emergency alerts to bookstore advertising and so much more.

As a library owner/manager, the encouraging factor is that the implementation of LED displays in a library is relatively simple and inexpensive in terms of adapting to digitalization. In renovating your library, visit an LED Sign manufacturer and request them to give you a good deal on the purchase of a few LED screens for your library. Non-profit organizations can often purchase at cost or at great discounts. You could also arrange for collective donation from your patrons to gather enough funds for investing in LED screens, the distribution equipment, content management system (CMS) and a media player.

Just with any other digital signage campaign, the critical factor to ensure success is to keep the content up-to-date, relevant and fresh. Designing content for library LED screens is simple. Just make use of the images that you are using in other communication methods such as newsletters and bulletins, add some relevant text and re-purpose the content for your digital screen. Make sure to loop the content through zones that will be updated on a regular basis.

LED screens around the library can also be used as:

  • television screens to broadcast local news
  • presentation screens for workshops
  • display screens for training sessions
  • screens for playing movies to an audience

When library communication is not being broadcasted on the LED screens, other content can be displayed:

  • advertising upcoming events
  • recapping memories of past events
  • display activities of neighboring communities

Some screens within the library, for example the one at the cafeteria or the front desk, can have a second media player to display content relevant only to the cafeteria or front desk. These LED screens should have the option of displaying the looped content that is being displayed on other screens as well as the location specific content.


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