Effective ways of using LED signs in healthcare

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Effective ways of using LED signs in healthcare

Employees in the healthcare industry are kept so occupied that they do not even have the time to pick up their mobile devices to check for any digital content updates. Paradoxically, these workers rely heavily on up-to-date and accurate information.

A perfect solution to this situation is the use of indoor LED signs. Compared to the large space taken up for storing brochures, LED screens just take up some unused space on the wall. The content displayed on the screens is ideally targeted at employee break rooms and patient waiting rooms. Emergency alerts, advertising medicine, RSS feeds, cafe menus and entertainment are some of the top uses for electronic signs in the healthcare industry.

  • Emergency alerts

The LED displays are integrated and therefore when an alert integration is put into play, all required screens will display the relevant information regarding the emergency. Once the situation is under control, the LED displays will go back to displaying the scheduled content.

  • Advertise medicine

Very often you may come across a messy waiting room with papers flying all over the place as a result of pharmaceutical marketing. By using indoor LED signs instead for advertising medicine, better revenue is assured and it makes the room look more professional rather than a mess.

  • RSS feeds

Because LED displays can be integrated with any information feed, there can be a higher engagement rate as a result of dynamic and relevant content. You don’t even need to sit and create this content. Simply integrate the feeds with social networks and you have successfully provided customers with real-time information.

  • Cafeteria menus

Digital signage can be used to advertise ongoing menus at cafeterias within the healthcare organization. Once again integration with the POS system will automatically display accurate items and prices.

  • Entertainment

LED screens can help keep your patients entertained in waiting rooms and make the waiting time seem less. Current news, weather forecasts, and other interesting information are often displayed for entertaining patients.


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