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Effective strategies for ‘dynamic creative’ digital content

What exactly do we mean by ‘dynamic creative’ digital content? Put in simpler terms, it means ‘personalized content’ – where you match the content of an advertisement to the targeted audience.

With great thanks to advancements in technology – particularly hardware and software systems as well as data sources – marketers have the necessary equipment to deliver the correct message to the appropriate audience at the right time, via suitable channels.

In DOOH advertising, the cookie model is used to integrate real time first and third party data with other offline information such as geographic location, time of day, day of week, and so on to optimize and produce content that reacts to the environment, audience and other such factors. In addition to that, make use of machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence, the future of DOOH will see much more transformative data insights.

Tech savvy customers in today’s world have come to a point where they expect this level of involvement in digital communication.

People in different parts of the country and world see different aspects of creativity based on how advanced their surroundings are. Dynamic creative ads can be produced with the help of a real time data source instructor. When you see an ad that is using dynamic creative content, don’t be surprised to find yourself thinking out loud – “Wow, that’s what I was just thinking!”

What should be happening

A greater deal of complexity is naturally required for creating campaigns that truly maximize on the medium’s creative potential. For successful implementation of dynamic creative content, outdoor digital billboards that are part of DOOH require long lead timings, involves unity of several stakeholders, a budgetary allocation and some standardization in reporting across the DOOH world. Advertisers should be aware as to which ad was displayed when and where if this campaign has to be as effective as possible. Out-of-home advertisers should play an active role in media and creative discussions and their experience will help delivering successful online LED sign campaigns.

Trail Blazers

To specialize on this new way of creating content, talented agencies are usually needed. But nowadays, with the vast amount of information available, guesswork is no longer required; fact based approach to decision making and advertising content is possible.

Every industry – from food and fashion to retail brands are implementing creative digital displays. Fast food chains are promoting Frappes during sunshine while diverting travelers to their nearest branch during traffic hours. E commerce websites are promoting products based on real-time weather conditions. Car manufacturing companies are also being a part of it – one company conducted a roadside campaign to promote intelligent technologies being featured in their latest cars. Real time traffic, time and weather data was used to trigger suitable technology features in the cars (for example – the all-wheel drive technology in Audi during adverse weather conditions).

By making use of the context effect and running responsive data driven dynamic creative campaigns, relevancy of content stays – thereby compelling and aligning the consumer mindset.

The upshot

With the creative process, data gathered can help optimize the media and the message while the campaign is still running. This kind of personalized content means you are bridging the gap between data driven media planning and the ‘thinking’ of a consumer at a certain time, in a certain place – and doing that is absolutely powerful!

More and more forward thinking brands need to make use of this power. They need to adapt to these new ways of working – data informed workflows and interrelated multi agency teams. While machines cannot completely take over outdoor advertising, they can make it smarter and responsive. Humans set the rules and machines optimize against these rules in real time.


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