Digital signage trends for 2015

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Digital signage trends for 2015

Whether you are in retail, advertising or corporate communication, digital signage is a must. With LED signs, the main aim is to engage the customer, build a conversation with the brand, and finally, sell something. Here are a few exciting trends for the digital signage industry in 2015.

  • In store tracking of customers

Today, brands and retailers are always on the lookout for new ways to increase turnover and loyalty by partnering and aligning goals with several strategies, their brand power, technology and content. Bigger organizations are more into innovation and finding meaningful ways to reach consumers with a bigger ROI. In front stage, we now have the concept of tracking consumers inside the store. Soon this vibe will die out when consumers learn the existence of beacon and Wi-Fi technologies. An advice to track consumers is to observe the connection between digital screens, the location of the consumer, the number of visits made, and their daily patterns.

  • Smartphone is now everything!

The smartphone is one of the biggest impacts experienced by the digital signage industry. There is no doubt about the fact that digital signage is connecting with the smartphone. The invention of a miniature wearable technology in combination with the cloud technology can now help you shop! When you walk up to a shelf, it can detect what product you have been previously buying and can suggest alternatives on the digital signage screen located next to you. It can even store your entire groceries list and make life so much easier!

  • Emotional understanding of customers leads to better content

With advertising, brands want to make their customers happy. Technology driven facial algorithms can observe the reaction of customers and drive new content if the software thinks customers are not happy with certain content!


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